What I’m Loving Wednesday

I love Wednesdays. And what I’m loving most right now are these cat drawer pulls from Anthropologie. They weren’t cheap ($10/each), so instead of buying 10 for our dresser, I bought two –  one for each nightstand. And I LOVE them. They’re just the right amount of whimsy.
cat drawer pullsI love JK Rowling’s twitter exchanges with her cast. It makes me smile. And I love the photos of Neville Matt Lewis that she’s talking about… 20,000 points to Gryffindor.
jkr twitterMy friend Kelly gave me this awesome nightlight for my birthday. It’s a basic plug-in light, with switchable, stained glass face plates. She bought me the NC one and how could I not love it? Geometric pattern? Check. Blue & white? Check. Home sweet home? Check.
2015-05-26 17.13.25

I’m currently obsessed with Dear Future Husband, by Meghan Trainor. It’s so fun & catchy, and I listened to it on repeat for like 20 minutes the other day.

Based on the random trip to Gettysburg, and my other ramblings, you’ve probably picked up on the fact that I’m currently obsessed with Lincoln. And not just a little obsessed, but really, really obsessed. And I owe that obsession to this book. This book was incredible. Easily one of the best biographies I’ve ever read. Lincoln was a truly fascinating man, and the tiny bit of information we get about him in history classes doesn’t even begin to do him justice.
2015-04-25 17.46.18-1

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