Emily’s "Best Ever" Chocolate Chip Cookies

Get Emily’s recipe here

I’m not big on cookies. There. I said it. If I’m going to kill a meals worth of calories on a baked good, I want it to be soft, moist and covered in fluffy, heavenly frosting. Like a cupcake.

Anyways. Graham is deployed and I LOVE sending care packages. Cupcakes wouldn’t make it all the way to Southeast Asia. Cookies and brownies do. So tonight I did some serious baking. I made a batch of brownies with Heath bits mixed in. Oh my, they were good.
And then I made a batch of chocolate chip cookies. Emily at over at Sugar Plum made these and claims they are the best chocolate chip cookies ever. I can’t say if they are the best in the world, since I haven’t been fortunate enough to try every cookie in the world. But I can say they are the best I’ve EVER had. The outside is crispy, the inside is soft and chewy and they are a little bite of heaven. Next time I will definitely omit the walnuts though. I’m not really a big fan of any nuts except for Blue Diamond almonds (side note: try the buffalo ones. AMAZING!)

I used her recipe exactly as it was (only using chocolate chips instead of chopped chocolate). In preparing them, I used a regular sized ice cream scoop and I got 21 really big cookies out of the recipe instead of 16.

If you need a cookie recipe for whatever reason, I HIGHLY recommend these. I hope they are half as good when they get to my husband as they are at this moment.

I love this container! (On sale for $1.00 at Michael’s!) 

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