Buddy’s super cool cat condo!

Edit: I’ve recently gotten some comments about the dimensions of the cat tower. The first box is a 12″ cube. The next box is a 14″ cube. Third is a 16″ cube. The last one is an 18″ cube. Hope that helps!


Many, many months ago, Love & Olive Oil tweeted a picture of this very cool cat condo their cats now called home. I loved it, and searched for it. When I found it, I closed that website pretty quick. It retailed for nearly $300. To me, that is insane. Buddy likes playing in cardboard boxes. He didn’t a piece of furniture that cost more than a months car payment.

When we decided to get the puppy, everything I read said that the cat needed a tower or a climbing tree. Basically something that would allow the cat to quickly get out of reach of the dog if he needed to. The days before we adopted Hermione, I was a nervous wreck that a puppy would hurt Buddy. So, Graham and I started searching for cool cat furniture online. We stumbled upon the one I liked so many months ago, and Graham decided to make it for Buddy himself.


It took less than a week, cost around $60 and I love that we were able to customize it with colors that we love and that look great with our decor. Graham even took it further than the one online, and put carpet inside each little box, and made a little ledge on each level. He put carpet on the ledge too, and a piece on the very top of the tower. This looks absolutely awesome, was a fraction of the cost and makes me feel much better about Buddy’s safety for when Hermione gets much, much bigger.

IMG_1547 IMG_1548
New pictures of our Buddy and Charlotte getting some use out of it. They still love it and hang out in it all the time =) The scratching post is a newer addition as well. Once we bought our new couch, Buddy’s scratching became an issue. So Graham just wrapped a large piece of PVC pipe in rope and attached it to the base. 
We’ve replaced the carpet once, because we used really inexpensive carpet and it kind of fell apart. But other than that, two years later & it’s still going strong!

19 thoughts on “Buddy’s super cool cat condo!

  1. Sarah says:

    I’ve recently came across this awesome cat tower, and wanted to replicate it for my own kitty. One question I had was what was the dimension for the first box?

  2. Sally says:

    I know it’s been awhile but I just adopted Pete and his brother RePete and they need some furniture. Yours looks great and doable. One question, are the boxes fastened too each other or is the weight of the box enough to stabilize the tower?

    • Heather says:

      They’re fastened together. It’s hard to explain, but the boxes share a back, and they’re all nailed into that one back piece. For extra protection, my husband used wood glue when stacking each box on top of the next.

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