Weekends go by way too fast =(

Especially when you try to pack as much fun, laziness & togetherness in as humanly possible.

Graham is deploying next month, so we are trying to make the most of our weekends. Nothing exciting… that wouldn’t be us. Just spending quality time with each other, our adorable animals and eating lots & lots of good food. This weekend was abundant in all three =)

Took Hermione for a swim…
Ate really delicious pesto crusted fish & orzo pasta salad.
Took Hermione to burn off some energy at the dog park.

Awwww-ed over some Buddy cuteness.
Had some very different (and tasty) edamame at the Sushi Cafe.

Followed by four delicious rolls.

And finally some cake batter froyo from Red Mango. Yum!

3 thoughts on “Weekends go by way too fast =(

  1. AHOP says:

    Looks like Hermione had a big day in the pond, and we are awwww-ed also by Buddy's cuteness. Can never get enough of the little guy. 🙂

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