Home Sweet Home

Traffic + Boredom = Goofy Photos

Our trip didn’t get off to the best start… we were stuck in horrible traffic before we had even reached the Tennessee state line.

Buddy was not amused.

Hermione wasn’t amused either… and threw up.


Luckily she got sick right at the exit for the Memphis visitors center…

So precious.

Buddy remains Hermione’s favorite pillow.

Once we got in CLT, we visited with our other favorite pups (Dixie & Mattie).


LIVERMUSH!!! (Had breakfast at Skyland Family Restaurant)
Skyland Family on Urbanspoon
One of the foods I miss the most in Arkansas is livermush. I know it sounds revolting (it’s actually called liver pudding, which sounds worse), but it is the BEST. THING. EVER. And I couldn’t think of a better way to start my birthday than with a big breakfast at one of my favorite spots. I really love Skyland Restaurant. It’s locally owned, not at all fancy, and just one of the best bargains in Charlotte. Graham had a Belgian waffle and a side of livermush, and I had scrambled eggs, hashbrowns, biscuits and livermush. For about $5.00. You can’t beat that!
And breakfast was perfect. I hate runny eggs. HATE them. And these were absolutely perfect. They were just the right texture and had a ton of flavor. And the biscuit is one of the best I had while I was home. Everything was delicious, and I can’t wait to go back again the next time I’m home. 
CLT area Chick-Fil-A’s celebrated my birthday by giving out free cookies =)

Buddy celebrated my birthday by being adorable.

I celebrated my 29th Birthday with a black diamond martini from Firebirds.

Firebirds Wood Fired Grill on Urbanspoon

Dinner was delicious. I’m not a fan of chain restaurants, but I LOVE Firebirds. I changed it up a little bit and started with a house salad instead of the BLT salad. It was tasty, but I prefer the BLT.

For my entree I went with my all time favorite: the wood grilled salmon, Parmesan mashed potatoes and fresh vegetables. The salmon is so delicious. It was a huge, thick piece of salmon with absolutely fantastic flavor.

Wood Grilled Salmon

Graham had one of their specials, a Santa Fe style pasta. It had shrimp, chorizo and scallops in a chardonnay cream sauce. This was exceptional. Chain restaurants usually have tiny, sad little scallops. These were huge, and perfectly cooked. I’m a sucker for the dish I ordered, but this was as good as mine.

Santa Fe Pasta

My handsome husband & myself
My brothers girlfriend, my mom & myself.

Our trip was over much too soon, and before I knew it I was back to enjoying Buddy & Hermione’s epic cuteness.

Boredom + photo apps = collages of the cutest pets ever =)

The NC part of the drive is so pretty.

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