What I’m Loving Wednesday

Christina over at Hungry Meets Healthy has been doing this for a while now. And I’m bored with just blogging about food, so here you go:
What I’m Loving Wednesday


These Girl Scout cookie candy bars. Oh. My. Gosh. They come in flavors based on three cookies: tagalongs (chocolate & peanut butter), thin mints, and samoas. The samoas are my all time favorite cookie, so of course the caramel & coconut bar is my favorite, but all three are very, very good.


The people I deal with at work get stupider & stupider. I love my job and I really like the people I work with, but some of the people who call & stop by are total morons.



Someone please tell me where I can find one of these. And give me some crystal clear, clean water to lounge in. We’re experiencing 100+ degree days here in Arkansas, with no end in sight and this looks like my definition of heaven.



I love these decorative wine bottles from Etsy. Thanks to Pinterest, I’ve been saving all of our wine bottles and this is a super cute idea to do with some of them.


A backpack for Hermione. Yes, I know a dog backpack is probably something most people would think is borderline crazy, but when she and I go for our workouts every night, it would be the best thing ever. My shorts don’t have pockets, and it’s really awkward stuffing the roll of dog clean up bags, my car keys and my cell phone down my sports bra. So, it’s either a doggy backpack or a boob job so I can have more cleavage. The $30 backpack is cheaper.


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