Happy August!!!

It’s August!!! I know all of the teachers out there are weeping, but I am ecstatic! Graham will be home this month (keep your fingers crossed he doesn’t have to immediately pack back up and go to Afghanistan), my shows will be back on soon, and most importantly August is (to me) the gateway to fall. And cooler temperatures. It was 110 degrees today, and I am so freaking tired of this heat. It’s draining & miserable and I am ready for cooler weather.

The start of a new month means an Instagram recap of the previous month =) Don’t forget to follow me on there. I’m stayinggolden83 =)

Buddy & I took a 4th of July road trip to Charlotte.
Buddy & George did a lot of wrestling.
And he did a lot of squirrel watching.

I took a drive to my alma matter to get some new school shirts.

Back in Arkansas, the heat broke for a glorious week. We had some much 
needed rain and had some really beautiful skies. 


My husband surprised me with gorgeous flowers.
I bought (and read) quite a bit of chick lit.
Baked some delicious goodies to send to Graham.
Caved & bought the overpriced quatrefoil mirror from Hobby Lobby.

And no photo heavy post is complete without my adorable fur kids =)

And lastly, I found something to do with these Instagram pics other than StickyGram magnets: PostalPix! They print square pictures at very reasonable prices. I had several 5×5’s printed, found these autograph frames in the clearance section at Kohls (they were for graduation), spray painted them “champagne” and had an inexpensive gallery of some of my favorite Instagram pics. I absolutely LOVE how this turned out!

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