What I’m Loving Wednesday

Gold, gold & more gold!

(Which is really strange, because I’ve always hated gold…)

It started about a month ago when I decided I wanted to paint navy & gold chevrons on the bathroom wall. I changed my mind pretty quickly when I realized
1) We’re one month into our six month lease… not really worth the time.
2) We have 11 foot ceilings.

But ever since then, I haven’t been able to get enough of pretty, sparkly gold things! Here are some that I’m loving right now.

These napkins from C Wonder are pretty gorgeous. $38 for a pack of four. 
Unfortunately, it’s four of the same design. I want one or two of each…

This set of (four) glasses, also from C Wonder. $54 for the set. 
These bamboo salad servers (also from C Wonder) are pretty awesome. $44. 

This gold dinnerware from Z Gallerie. Holy gorgeous. I’d absolutely LOVE to have a set of one of these!

Gold. Quatrefoil. I need this right now. At $99, it isn’t cheap, but I don’t care. It’s beautiful. 
You can’t buy these beautiful mason jars, but you can make them! Check out Lilyshop for a great tutorial!

Here & here.
I’ve never been a nail person. Ever. But I want a manicure that looks like one of 
these before I go on vacation!
Eligible for an upgrade right when new phones come out? Yes, please! I have the iPhone 4 right now. The 8g version. Which means I am constantly having to delete stuff since I never have enough storage. That’s coming to an end when I buy this little beauty on FRIDAY. 

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