What I’m Loving Wednesday

It’s time for a blog feature I wish I did more regularly: What I’m Loving Wednesday! (FYI, as I typed that I had the voice of a cheesy game show host in my head.)

This limited edition body wash from Method is freaking amazing! They have three limited edition summer fragrances that all smell wonderful, but the Orange Ginger Sorbet is my favorite. It smells like heaven. Or what I imagine heaven would smell like. I love Method products & have been using their body wash for a while now, and it’s definitely my favorite. It lathers really well, & the smell lingers after my shower is over. And at $4.99, this stuff is a steal!

(It’s sold out online, but I found some at Target.)


Apparently I’ve become a 1950’s housewife to get so excited over a vacuum, but I am LOVING this vacuum cleaner! We have tried EVERYTHING to get pet hair off the couch. Honestly, until now, the best thing that worked was the Otterbox case on my old iPhone. But since that phone (and the case) is now gone, I had to keep trying. The Bissell Pet Hair Eraser is a miracle worker. Our couch looks clean again! It’s corded, which was a must. I’ve had hand-held vacuums before that run off of a rechargeable battery, & eventually the battery stops holding a charge. The cord is SUPER long. I’m able to plug it in on one side of the room and clean our HUGE sectional without even changing outlets. It’s easy to take apart & clean, and took less than 10 minutes to clean the couch. If you have pets, & made the mistake of buying a dark-colored couch, you definitely want to invest in one of these.


I’m not really in to make-up, so take any beauty product recommendations from me with a grain of salt, but this primer from Ulta is amazing! I received a free sample of it a month ago, & after a few days I went online and ordered the full size version. I’ve tried other primers in the past, but they’ve always made me break out. This one has kept my skin clear, and my make-up still looks great at the end of an eight-hour day.


This pineapple cilantro Illume candle. Smells completely amazing. I have a hard time with most candles. I smell them when I sniff the jar, but I can never smell them when they’re burning. I could smell this one when it’s burning, and it smells heavenly. I got this one at Hallmark. They have many different scents, they come in super cool, colorful canisters and they’re reasonably priced.


These beautiful illustrated recipes from Felicita Sala are fabulous. I’d love to have prints of them, frame them in identical white Ribba frames from Ikea, & hang them in the kitchen (if our kitchen was much, much bigger…)


These totes from West Elm are adorable. Like, seriously adorable. I love ALL of them, but I especially the ‘Totes Ma Goats‘ one. I can’t think of a more perfect tote to tote (Seriously, I’m hilarious…) around with me at the farmers markets this summer. This one is $18 and currently back ordered, but some of them are on sale for $9. And they’re just as clever.


Any products you’re loving lately that I need to check out?

*** Some links may contain affiliate links. You pay the same price you normally would, I get a small percentage for referring you to an awesome product. Win-win. =)

3 thoughts on “What I’m Loving Wednesday

  1. Christina Orso says:

    you know, some of ulta’s brand products are really great. i actually like their nail polish better than a lot of more expensive brands. it doesn’t chip as much! i also like their eyebrow pencils. i’ve seen that bag and think it’s hilarious.

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