Wedding Wednesday: Centerpieces

Blame it on the fact that I follow about 15 wedding professionals on Instagram, but weddings are pretty much taking over my mind these days. Especially when The Graceful Host spent the weekend instagramming one of the most beautiful weddings I’ve ever seen. I guess it’s silly for someone who celebrated her third wedding anniversary a few months ago to start babbling about weddings, but oh well.

We had a few splurges when it came to our (second) wedding (the cake, the photographer, the dress). We didn’t go overboard, but we went slightly over budget on each of those things. But I was okay with that, because those were the things that mattered to me. Especially the cake…


Oh, my perfect, perfect cake… (Photo by JJ Horton Photography)

*ahem*. Anyways…

Other things mattered less. Like flowers. To me, live flowers are such a waste. They’re expensive, and they die. I was in a wedding once that had the most beautiful pink & white roses everywhere. Before the ceremony started, I snuck out of the dressing room to get a peek. By the time the ceremony ended, they had wilted and started to turn brown (it was a really hot July day…).  My bff’s mom made our bouquets from flowers from the farmers market & from Sam’s Club, and I went with an inexpensive non floral centerpiece. We used lanterns from Ikea, spray painted silver, filled them with candles from Kohl’s I got for NOTHING (oh, the power of eBay coupons…) and some spray painted pinecones. They were probably about $25 each, and we were thrilled with them. We had even planned to sell them after the wedding on Craigslist, but our wedding elves loved them so much we gave all of them away (and kept two for ourselves).

Where I’m going with this, is that even though I don’t see the point in spending a ton of money on flowers (especially for centerpieces), this weekend I was blown away by how beautiful floral centerpieces are. So, to show my new found appreciation for flowers, here are some centerpieces I’m loving!

I’ll be back on a future Wednesday with cakes I’m drooling over… Think I can convince Graham to have a 3rd wedding? 😉

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