Oh, weekends…

I love weekends. I know everyone does, so that’s a stupid statement. But I love them. Especially weekends where we have no plans. The past few weekends have been spent traveling to Charlotte (two weekends in a row, then a week here, and then another weekend in Charlotte), & a weekend here where we spent one day traveling to the Outer Banks. So this low key weekend was especially nice. And delicious.

Our weekend started Friday night with dinner at Kero Sushi. If you ever try this place, take this invaluable piece of advice: skip the cooked appetizers. We’ve had two, and both were awful. Their sushi is amazing though, so just skip the app & get an extra roll. We had the Rainbow, the Samurai, the Godzilla & the Volcano. The Volcano was our least favorite, but all four were delicious.

We got home, let Hermione out and got back inside just in time for the sky to turn into this. The sky got completely dark and the bottom fell out. It was an epic storm.


Saturday, we slept in later than we have in ages (thanks to an insanely comfortable new bed!!!), had our typical huge breakfast and then took Hermione for a walk in Yorktown. There is this gross little pond on the path that she loves, so we let her in for a minute. Is she not the happiest dog ever?



After walking her, we came back to the apartment and spent a few lazy hours around the pool. It’s important to stay hydrated on hot days, so one Camelbak was full of water, and one contained a strawberry margarita 😉


Dinner Saturday night was delicious (and low-carb/paleo): pot roast cooked with carrots, onions & mushrooms and green beans. This wasn’t exactly the most summery meal, but it was so, so delicious. I made this statement on Facebook, but I’ll say it here too: if you’re still making pot roast in a crock pot, you’re making it wrong.


Sunday was spent in a very similar manner to Saturday, only we did the pool first. Going to the pool first thing was an excellent idea. There weren’t nearly as many people there and we got chairs in an excellent spot. Only neither of us put enough sunscreen on for the early day sun, and we’re both more than a little pink right now. (I’m loving my pedicure, btw. It’s a week old & still looks perfect. And I’m obsessed with this color.)


After our pool time, we took Hermione back to Yorktown. Before our walk started, I saw the most adorable, tiniest baby deer ever. Seriously, it was the size of Buddy. I tried to get a picture, but it took off =(


Dinner Sunday night was completely delicious. Sauteed pork chops, pasta salad with heirloom cherry tomatoes, kalamata olives, cucumber, Tessemae’s balsamic dressing & parsley, and roasted brussels sprouts. Everything was so delicious.

2014-06-15 05.45.03

How was your weekend?

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