Weekends in Charlotte always equal another 5 lbs.

I’ve come to terms with the fact that a trip to Charlotte automatically means gaining five pounds. Last week I made the statement that since we would be busy with a wedding for most of the weekend that there wouldn’t be time for awesome dinners. This was true, but we did make time for awesome lunches & brunches.

Friday when we got in town we dropped Hermione off at my in-laws house, and headed to Men’s Warehouse to pick up Graham’s tux, and then we headed to JJ’s Red Hots for hot dogs. This time we actually ordered the same thing. Neither of us could deny the appeal of one of their dogs of the week, the Captain AmeriPig. This hot dog was topped with chili, queso, chili cheese fritos and stout mustard, and was freaking delicious. A cheese sauce will always be my hot dog topping of choice, and the queso on this did not disappoint.

2014-06-20 15.29.33 HDR

2014-06-20 15.38.24
One of my favorite things about JJ’s is the King of Pops cart in their parking lot. If you’ve never tried a King of Pops popsicle, you’re missing out. Graham had a delicious strawberry lime one and I had blueberry cobbler. Oh my goodness, the blueberry cobbler is now on my list of favorites (along with the Pomegranate Margarita and Blackberry Ginger Lemonade). This popsicle was creamy and delicious, and I love the huge chunks of crust/cookie mixed in.

2014-06-20 15.52.22
That night we had the rehearsal dinner. BBQ was served, and to be honest (and I know this is pretty blasphemous coming out of the mouth of a North Carolina girl), I hate BBQ. So lets skip dinner and move on to brunch.

I’ve been trying to get to Bistro La Bon for brunch since December. When Graham and I were going to bed Friday night it dawned on me that we had no plans for Saturday morning, so I decided that we needed to have brunch. I hopped on Open Table and made a reservation. The restaurant is over on a side of town that was always pretty shady when I was a kid. So it’s very cool to see it being revitalized and filling up with excellent, local places.

Graham and I started with cocktails. I had a $3 mimosa and he had a bloody mary. Their bloody mary bar is pretty awesome. You pick the vodka, and choose from a variety of mixers and add-ins. I had never had a bloody mary before, so I had a sip of his. I took one sip and promptly realized I don’t care for them and would be sticking with mimosas.

2014-06-21 10.14.35-2
Graham had a breakfast that was, in his words, “a vegans nightmare”. This was two eggs, a potato cake, and steaks with carmelized onions and bernaise sauce. This breakfast made me wish I liked runny eggs, because this looked so, so good. I did try the steak though, and it (and the sauce) was so delicious.

2014-06-21 10.40.48
His breakfast had nothing on my french toast. This was a huge piece of brioche, fresh fruit, syrup and orange zest. This was sweet, delicious and filling. I typically don’t like syrup on my french toast, but with the fruit and the hint of orange flavor, it really worked. I would order this again and again. I did order a side of bacon (un-pictured), which was just okay. It was thick, but wasn’t crispy at all.

2014-06-21 10.41.01

Even though we were both stuffed after brunch, we made a stop by Amelie’s, since we were on that side of town. I picked up a few of their famous salted caramel brownies and Graham chose a strawberry cream cheese croissant (for later). We ate a brownie and the croissant after the wedding that night. They were so good. So, ridiculously good. The croissant was delicious, but the brownie… *swoon* Seriously it’s the best brownie in the history of the world.

2014-06-21 11.17.18-2
Sunday morning, before heading back to Virginia, we met our friends at Nolen Kitchen for brunch, another local spot that came highly recommended. Our waiter was friendly and efficient. He brought a plate of delicious scones while we perused the menu.

2014-06-22 10.54.07
The picture of Heather’s food (the chicken souvlaki plate) was blurry, so you don’t get to see that. The chicken looked good, but the greek salad that came with it looked awesome. And since Heather is a weirdo who doesn’t like olives, I was the lucky recipient of those.

Stephen ordered the eggs oscar (crab cakes, asparagus, english muffin, eggs and hollandaise) with stone ground cheese grits on the side. The layer of cheddar on those grits had me drooling. Holy crap, that was a lot of delicious cheesy goodness.

2014-06-22 11.20.15
I had the breakfast pita (scrambled eggs, feta, spinach, oven roasted tomatoes and cucumber yogurt) with home fries and a side of bacon. There was a little too much yogurt on the pita, but other than that this was really, really delicious.

2014-06-22 11.21.04
Graham had the sewlyn omlette (bacon, shiitake mushroom and goat cheese), also with the epic grits and a side of bacon. The omlette and the grits were both so good. The amount of goat cheese in the middle of that omlette was completely insane and epic.

2014-06-22 11.20.23
So there you have it. I’m scared to step on the scale, but I’d say that this food along with a wedding cupcake and dinner at the reception, definitely equals at least five pounds. Oh well. This was our last trip home for a while. The diet starts tomorrow 😉

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