My Favorite Fork & Spoon.

A little over a year ago, we embarked on a crazy, stressful adventure to remodel our kitchen with a $1,000 budget and a two-week time frame. (Click on that link. Seriously. I’m still amazed at the difference.) Our kitchen was the last room in our house that needed to be updated, before we could put our house on the market. Why we waited so long, I’ll never know. Why we started this exactly two weeks and two days before Graham had to leave for Texas for tech school, I’ll also never know.

The kitchen turned out better than we ever could have hoped. But as much as I loved the new light fixture, the new hardware on the new cabinets, the openness we gained from removing the bulkhead, the resurfaced counter tops, new appliances, etc., one of the things I loved the most was finally getting to hang my giant fork and spoon.


I first saw these at Pier One in 2010, and Graham surprised me with the spoon for my birthday in 2011. In 2012, I saw the fork had gone on sale for 50% off, so I hauled ass across Little Rock one day on my lunch hour to pick it up. But we never hung them. The kitchen needed a lot of work, and there was no point hanging them when everything else in the room looked so bad. But as soon as we finished with the kitchen, I brought these out for Graham to hang.

They were also one of the very first things we hung when we moved into our apartment last August.


Anyways. The point of all of this is my amazement at how many comments I received on them yesterday. I posted a the first picture on a couple of those yard sale pages on Facebook, in an attempt to sell the hutch that’s also pictured. I had a few questions about the hutch, but so many comments about my fork & spoon. If I hadn’t been hopeful that someone wanted to buy it every time I received a notification, it would have been pretty amusing. I remember when we were trying to sell the house, one potential buyer wanted in the contract that those stayed with the house.

So, if you feel the need to own a 46″ metal fork or spoon, check out Pier One. Because mine are off-limits 😉

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