Gold “Dipped” Bar Stools

2014-07-06 05.48.19

The bar stools we’ve had since we moved to Virginia were in really bad shape. Really bad. They went with our kitchen table from Arkansas (and we accidentally left the table in Arkansas… oops) and Hermione chewed them up pretty bad during her puppy days. They’re decent stools and the damage would be easy for Graham to fix, but they were too busy (in my opinion) against everything else going on in the kitchen.

I saw this tutorial on Pinterest and thought that something like that would look great against my purple wall. I set out to find some cheap ones on Craigslist, but I never found anything. So, I bought these at Target. They were $15 each, but I used a Cartwheel deal that made them $11 each.

2014-05-03 16.56.28

Unfortunately since they were brand new (and shiny), they required a good bit of sanding first. I. Hate. Sanding. It didn’t take too long though and then I started the painting. In the tutorial linked above, both colors are painted using spray paint. I was afraid that I would end up getting over spray on the color I had already painted so I went a different route. I spray painted the gold parts and then taped them off with Frog tape and painted the cream-colored sections with a test pot of Glidden.

After the gold spray paint had cured for a week I started on the other part. I taped them off right above the lower rungs and did a layer of primer with Kilz. Once that had dried I used a foam brush to paint. Since foam brushes don’t hold as much paint, it took three coats to get a nice, non-streaky layer. You could use a regular paintbrush for thicker application, but then you’d have a higher chance of having brush strokes.

2014-06-13 17.33.08

Once they were finished, they needed a coating of satin polyurethane to protect them from normal wear and tear (and animal claws). I used the same satin that we used on our entertainment center and I couldn’t be happier with how they turned out.

2014-07-06 05.47.37

2014-06-30 18.33.36-1

And this cutie (as well as the other feline) seems to enjoy them =) But they love anything they can climb on, so they’re not exactly picky.

2014-07-02 04.08.21

2014-07-02 04.06.01

2014-07-06 05.49.31

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