What I’m Loving Wednesday: Our First House

I’m a very date oriented person. I have a memory for dates & details that is borderline obsessive. This came in really handy when I was getting my degree in history. It’s not as useful in my day-to-day life. One thing it does result in, is a lot of nostalgia. If a date is significant, I will remind you of it and tell you in detail why it’s significant five years later.

I had actually planned on taking a break from the WILW post this week and do a Wedding Wednesday post instead, but today is pretty significant. One year ago today we left our home and the lives that we built in Arkansas and headed back to the East Coast. A year later I still miss Arkansas more than I ever imagined possible. We had a really nice life there, great friends, good jobs and the cutest little house. So, in honor of it being one year to the day since we said goodbye to our first home, here are the things that I miss the most about our little house.

First, I obviously loved our house. It’s been challenging going from a four bedroom house with a fenced in yard & a garage to a two bedroom apartment. Especially when our rent in Virginia is twice what our mortgage is in Arkansas. When Graham bought this house, everything was boring and brown and dead outside. We planted new boxwoods, hostas and gardenia bushes. We took the door from an ugly, red door with a huge crack in it & ornate hardware to a blue door that matched the shutters (that we also added) with new, brushed metal hardware.

2014-07-23 09.15.31
My blue wall. I’ve gushed about this wall so much throughout the past couple of years, but this wall was my pride & joy. I started on it about 10 days into Graham’s six month deployment to Kuwait. I had a single quatrefoil cut out of cardstock and traced each shape onto the wall with chalk, and then went over that with a craft paintbrush and paint. It took me about 25 hours to do, and I’m immensely proud of how it turned out. I used to lay on the couch every night while talking to Graham and just stare at the wall. I’m actually scared to go back into the house at any point in the future, because I’ll probably break down in tears if our tenants paint over it.
2014-07-23 09.15.42
The mantle that was up there was hideous. When Graham got back from Kuwait, he decided to the look of my wall & white fireplace, and built a new one. He’s a perfectionist, so it took forever, but it was so, SO worth it.
2014-07-23 09.17.05
The stripes in the entryway were another project from that same deployment. Our foyer was such a hot mess, and this little area became one of my favorite spots in the house. We used to have a big, navy blue rug in there, but Hermione kept peeing on it, so it had to go. I also had a cheerful yellow & gray mirror on the wall in there that I made, and loved.
2014-07-23 09.15.38
Part of the entry way project involved making a new window treatment. Obviously, the quatrefoil is my favorite shape, and I LOVED how this turned out. Especially since it cost less than $10!
2014-07-23 09.16.10
I LOVED the remodel of the tiny master bathroom. We took it from a splatter painted nightmare to a beautiful bathroom. This time the quatrefoil design is wallpaper, Graham built the new vanity and I finally got to break out all of the pretty navy & white bathroom accessories I received at my wedding shower.
2014-07-23 09.16.30
I know these dark, charcoal gray walls aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, but this was actually my favorite paint color in the house. During the six month deployment to Kuwait, I had actually painted this room turquoise. I grew to hate that color, so during his four-month deployment to Colombia, I repainted. I love how it turned out. The bedding is a very light purple, the bed is white and I bought all of the frames for next to nothing at Kohl’s and spray painted them (and a quatrefoil mirror) gold.
2014-07-23 09.16.45
I had nothing to do with the size of the windows, but I loved them. Our bedroom and our “office” had these. Buddy used to use the one in the office for squirrel watching and actually jumped at the window one morning, breaking the glass and scaring the crap out of us.
2014-07-23 09.17.18
I loved everything about our kitchen remodel. Especially how open everything became by removing the bulkhead. The only thing I don’t love is that we waited until three months before we moved to do all of this, so we never really got to enjoy it.
2014-07-23 09.27.53And my hutch. I love this hutch so much. Graham  made it look like a built-in, so we actually put in all of the real estate contracts that it did not convey with the house. We bought it off of Craigslist. Some guy had made it for his wife’s beauty salon. We painted it white, added new hardware used some leftover fabric to add some interest to the little windows, added a butcher block top, wine glass hangers and trim and molding to it. It was perfect for this small kitchen with limited storage. We brought it with us to Virginia, but now I wish we had left it with the house. It doesn’t fit or go with anything in our apartment, and it damages every time we move it, so we’re selling it. I’m going to miss it like crazy, but luckily Graham is handy enough he can build me another one.

4 thoughts on “What I’m Loving Wednesday: Our First House

  1. IHeartVegetables says:

    That blue wall is AMAZING. I would never have the patience to do that, but I think it looks awesome!!! I wish I was detail oriented like that. I bet I could talk my husband into doing it 😉

    • Heather says:

      Thank you! And I’m pretty ADD when it comes to this stuff, but it wasn’t that bad. I put a DVD of Frasier in, worked on it a few hours every night & I was done! =)

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