What I’m Loving Wednesday: My 2014-2015 Erin Condren Planner

Last month in a ‘What I’m Loving Wednesday‘ post, I shared my desire for either an Erin Condren life planner or an Emily Ley Simplicity planner. I went with the Erin Condren, and I’ve had it for a week now, and I absolutely love it.

The classic life planner comes pretty standard. You pick the style of the planner, but the insides of them are all the same (from what I can tell). You know me & my overwhelming & all consuming love for monograms, and this one was as close as I could get 😉 I know a lot of people think a planner is a wasteful thing these days. I mean, we have smartphones and iPads and technology that can keep track of anything and everything we need it to. But I’m very old school when it comes to planners. I like having a book that I can put in my purse (although the size of this thing is pushing it…), make notes as needed, scribble out a to-do list, and have the satisfaction of crossing things off of said to-do list. It is impossible to get that same level of satisfaction deleting something from your phone.

2014-08-11 01.38.10
The planner starts and ends with a yearly calendar spread, which I appreciate. I obviously chose to have my planner include the rest of 2014 & 2015, so all of those months are represented in this spread. At the end of the planner is a spread with smaller boxes that includes all of 2016 & 2017.
2014-08-11 01.40.272014-08-11 01.40.38

The month at a glance page is my favorite. Some of the planners I’ve seen on Instagram are completely decked out with washi tape, stickers, very cool artistic doodles, etc. I’m not that creative, and this is a planner. If I wanted a scrapbook, I’d make an actual scrapbook. The washi tape signifies big plans, like a house guest or travel plans. The small, rectangular stickers came with the planner, and note birthdays. I’m using the notes column on the side for general information, such as budgeting info and to-do’s that don’t have a specific deadline. I love the colors & the inspirational quote at the top of the page. The amount of color in this planner was what finally made up my mind between this and the Emily Ley planner. I like color…
2014-08-11 01.39.05
The weekly pages allow me to go into a little more detail than I can on the monthly page. I’m trying to do better about having a regular blogging schedule, and not just flying by the seat of my pants. Since I typically do my blogging in the morning, it made sense to use the morning blocks for that. I like that I have enough space to write notes about that days blog topic. Obviously for the week I took a picture of I haven’t done much planning yet, but I have topics, so it’s a start. Right? Right. I also use the bottom block (night) to track my medicines. I LOVE checking things off of a list, so even though I’m pretty good about remembering my vitamins & birth control, I write them in for an added reminder and the opportunity to check something off. 😉

The extra lined spaces at the bottom of the page are currently being used for the weeks dinners, but I may change that to the notes & goals section on the side. I make a menu every week, but I don’t always feel like having what I planned on that specific night. So, if I put it on the side, I’ll still have all of our dinners listed, but won’t feel obligated to have a certain thing on a certain night. I’m also using that side column to track my weekly weigh in and measurements.

2014-08-12 06.37.38 2014-08-12 06.38.31
Once you get through all of the calendar pages, there is a “notes” section with 25 lined pages (front and back). When you order a planner, you can choose from a ton of add-ons. One of which is a cute notepad that matches the planner. I’d skip that for the time being, personally. There are so many places to make notes IN the planner, and you have these note pages. You can always go back and order the notepad, and I probably will once I’ve used up all of these note sheets.
2014-08-11 01.41.18 2014-08-11 01.41.47
There are four sheets of stickers included with the planner. One sheet is nothing but birthday stickers. Most of the other sheet of printed ones will probably never get used by me. They say “day off”, have various appointments written on them, “Sale”, “concert”, “mani/pedi”, “party”, and “vacation”. I’d love to use the vacation ones… Then they’ve included two sheets of colorful, blank stickers.
2014-08-11 01.42.20 2014-08-11 01.42.32 2014-08-11 01.42.44
After the stickers, there is a double sided pocket. A perpetual calendar has been included to write down birthdays and anniversaries. Love the pocket. Mine is already full of recipes I’ve printed off at work and random things I’ve torn out of magazines and catalogues.
2014-08-11 01.42.56
Behind the pocket there is also a sealable pouch. This is PERFECT for business cards, appointment cards for doctors appointments or hair appointments, stamps, address labels, etc.
2014-08-11 01.43.32
Inside the pouch were some printed labels (in addition to an envelope full of labels that were in the box!). I LOVE the personal ones that match the planner, but the other ones are really cute too. I love sending care packages to people, so I can’t wait to use some of these.
2014-08-11 01.44.00
The only thing I’m not completely pleased with is the pen loop. I hate that it’s white, because it’s already dirty. Also, since it needed to stretch out a little, the only way I could initially fit my pen in it was to take the cap off, put the point in first and then re-cap it. So, this white pen loop is already covered in pink sharpie ink. But that is a very, very small flaw.
2014-08-11 01.44.40I know these things are expensive. I had a coupon code, that made mine $45 plus shipping. But honestly, I don’t think that is such an outrageous price. I mean, the cheapo one I picked up from Target first was $13. It was wimpy and I know it wouldn’t have held up and looked decent for any period of time. As is my policy with most things, I’d rather spend a little bit more and get something that will last.

So, if I’ve convinced you that you need one of these planners, buy one with my link. You’ll get $10 off of your order, and I get a $10 credit. It’s a win-win for everyone 😉

(Oh, and I wasn’t perked or compensated for this review in any way. I just love my planner and want to share the love.)


3 thoughts on “What I’m Loving Wednesday: My 2014-2015 Erin Condren Planner

    • Heather says:

      I’m the same way with productivity apps. I download them, swear they’ll make my life easier and give up on them after a week and turn back to paper & colorful pens =)

  1. Erin Condren Design (@ErinCondren) says:

    Wow– thank you so much for taking the time to write this fabulous blog review! We’ve truly enjoyed reading your thoughts on the various layouts and are so happy that you appreciate all of the little details and goodies we throw in for you guys. We hope to see many more of your reviews in the future… we owe our success to loyal fans/ customers like you! thanks again for your thoughtful review… we are thrilled to hear you’re just as pumped for the new Life Planner as we are!
    P.S. just pinned to our Pinterest review board… http://www.pinterest.com/erincondren  

    Thanks again, Heather!
    The Erin Condren Team

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