What I’m Loving Wednesday

First, congrats to Marci! She won the World Market gift card giveaway. Happy shopping =)

Now. What I’m loving Wednesday.


Checkout 51. If y’all haven’t checked out (ha!) Checkout 51, you should. A coworker introduced me to it, and it’s a simple way to get a little bit of money back from buying groceries. Every week they post about 15 items, and if you buy any of those items you can take a picture of your receipt, “claim” whichever items you bought and earn money back. It’s usually not very much (this week I earned $0.25 for buying bananas, $0.25 for buying tomatoes, and $1.00 for buying Glade Wax Melts-the new sage & thyme smells so good!), but it adds up. And when you get to $20, you can cash out (or keep saving) and they’ll mail you a check. I received my first check for $21 on Monday! The only downfall is that there aren’t many items that I buy. I usually just take advantage of any offers on produce & chocolate. And if I need cleaning supplies, and there is an offer on there, I’ll buy that brand of toilet cleaner (or whatever). So, it does take a while to get that first check. But still. Money back for things you need to buy anyways? Yes, please!


These bone china loaf pans from Anthropologie are gorgeous. They’re $24 and are so much prettier than the ugly, non-stick metal ones I typically use. I think one of these (with a loaf of bread in it), would make such a pretty hostess gift for all of the upcoming holiday gatherings. They come in three colors; white, pink & gray. I want the white to give as a gift, and the pink & gray for myself 😉


This glassware. *swoon*. I own ‘plain’ glassware. You know, the clear glass wine glasses & champagne flutes. But I rarely use them. My favorite pieces of glassware are the ones that are a little bit special. Whether it’s special because of a monogram etched into it, Swarovski crystals in the stem, or just specks of color blown into the glass, they’re all beautiful and special, and I would be really sad if they broke. These glasses from Anthropologie would be an excellent addition to my collection of pretty glassware.


This beech wood platter & porcelain bowl from West Elm is perfect for the upcoming soup & grilled cheese season (aka fall). I’ve seen lots of similar items to this on Pinterest, but they’ve all had a perfect square cut out for where the sandwich should go. There are so many great types of bread out there these days, a grilled cheese is much, much different from it was when I was a kid. I love that this tray can accommodate any shape of bread, without making my OCD head hurt that the sandwich doesn’t fit perfectly in the specified spot. (Yes, I am a weirdo.)


How awesome are these timers? So cute. I’m not sure how practical they would be, since I need to hear a buzzer going off, but as a decorative accessory in my kitchen? Adorable.


These painted mason jars are so pretty! I’d love to make one of these, buy the soap pump and turn use it as the soap pump in the kitchen. The navy matches the wall I’m (probably) going to paint, and the gold glitter is just fun. Has anyone spray painted mason jars before? I’m worried the paint will eventually scratch or chip off, so if anyone has any tips to paint them and have the paint last, I’d love to hear them!

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