Weekends in Charlotte are delicious.

So, another fun weekend in Charlotte is in the books. It was our last one for a while (barring any family emergencies, we’re not planning another trip home until Thanksgiving), so we tried to make the most of it.

We started with healthy road trip snacks. So many of the nicer gas stations have tons of great, pretty healthy options. I’ve been on a hummus kick lately, so on our first stop I grabbed a Sabra hummus cup with pretzel chips, and a bottle of Fred water. And yes, I only wanted this water because the shape of the bottle is really cool.
2014-08-29 11.38.09-2
We played tourist in our own hometown, and took Hermione to the U.S. National Whitewater Center. She wanted to get in the water so bad. And it was hot enough that I wanted to hop in myself. This place is so cool, and Graham and I are already planning a return trip next summer (without the dog), so we can take advantage of all there is to do there.
2014-08-29 15.22.49
We didn’t stay at the Whitewater Center long, because it was hot. Like, really, really hot. And so humid. So, on the way home we decided to head into Gastonia for ice cream. I hate Gastonia with a passion that should probably be reserved for terrorists, murderers, animal abusers & child molesters, but oh well. I hate it. But Tony’s Ice Cream is worth a drive into my least favorite place. Tony’s is family owned & operated, and has been around forever. And their banana pudding ice cream completely rocks my world.
2014-08-29 16.18.21-2
Since we were there for three nights, we had dinner plans with three of our favorite groups of people. Friday night we went to dinner at Nan & Byron’s with G’s parents. Once again, I had the Farmhouse Lemonade (y’all, this is the PERFECT summer cocktail!). It was even better than it was last time.
2014-08-29 19.25.40-1
Instead of the Train Wreck Fries (so, so good!) we had an order of the peppedew poppers. The little peppers were stuffed with a creamy aged cheddar, breaded and deep-fried. They were delicious, and the dipping sauce was pretty tasty too.
2014-08-29 19.35.31-1
G & his mom had the meatloaf, which Brittany had last time we went. I tried a bite this time and it was SO good! It was moist, full of flavor and the sriracha ketchup was the perfect condiment for it. G’s dad had the delmonico, which I had last time, and he raved about it. I ordered something different, and went with salmon (surprise, surprise). It was perfectly cooked, and was served with braised kale, garlic oil roasted potatoes and a beet-coriander vinaigrette. Everything on this plate was so delicious, and the vinaigrette was a really nice surprise. I’m not the biggest fan of beets, but this was so good.
2014-08-29 19.50.28-1
The next morning we went to breakfast with my mom & her man friend. There is a little Italian place near my mom’s house that serves a surprisingly good breakfast. Their biscuits are hit or miss, but the homefries and livermush are pretty darned delicious.
2014-08-30 09.24.15-2
Mom and I spent the day hanging out. We went to Ikea and treated ourselves to pedicures. Essie’s ‘Butler Please‘ has been my go-to pretty much all summer. It’s such a bright, bold shade of blue and I love it!
2014-08-30 12.07.12-2
That night we had dinner with my family. My nephew was with us that weekend, so we stayed in and I cooked (and G grilled). Dinner was absolutely delicious, and roasted corn on the cob is the way to go. Just keep it in the husks, sit it directly on one of the oven racks and roast it at 400 degrees for about 45 minutes. I’ve never liked corn on the cob, but I could eat this every day!

2014-08-30 20.20.23
After dinner, I was bored and wanted something sweet, so G and I made a midnight run to Amelie’s. We waited in line for about 20 minutes, but our desserts were worth it. The salted caramel brownie was AMAZING, and the mixed berry tart he ordered was pretty delicious as well.
2014-08-30 23.17.29-2
Sunday night, we headed over to Heather & Stephen’s house and had homemade mexican food with them and a couple of our other friends. It was an awesome night, and it was the last time seeing Randy & Melanie before their baby is born, which is exciting and scary at the same time! We all contributed a couple of things (I brought rice & spicy crockpot black beans), and we had tacos & burrito bowls. Everything was delicious, especially the shredded pork that Stephen made.
2014-08-31 20.07.43-2
For dessert we had sopapilla. Stephen fried tortillas in oil, then dipped them in butter and coated them with cinnamon & sugar. He fried them again for another minute, and then served them with vanilla ice cream, more cinnamon and honey. This was amazing!
2014-08-31 23.00.07
We all bring our dogs with us, and they play while we talk, eat & drink. The next day, they’re all pretty much comatose. I really love that we always have these nights together the day before we head back to wherever it is we’re living 😉
2014-09-01 12.00.57-2

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