What I’m Loving Wednesday

It’s Wednesday! You guys know what that means =) Here are some things I’m loving right now!

My new kitchen scale. I’m trying to lose weight. I need to drop about 30 lbs., and I need to actually start trying to lose it, and stop just talking about trying to lose it. This kitchen scale is coming in really handy. When I look up food on My Fitness Pal, I just add it without really considering the weight. From years of making cheesecakes, I know a pound is 16 oz. But that isn’t helpful when I pick a peach out of the fruit basket at home. So, I just pick an entry for whatever I’m eating and go with it. I ate a peach yesterday that weighed 12 oz. The entry I had been selecting in Mt Fitness Pal was for 5 oz. That’s an extra 70+ calories. It’s also been really helpful portioning out meat, making bags of snacks (the serving size on the bag of baby carrots is listed in grams. Before my scale, I had no clue what 30 grams of baby carrots equaled), and portioning out correct weights of ingredients for cooking and baking. Graham even used it the other day to calculate the weight of a package.

Jose Cuervo Grapefruit Tangerine Margarita. I know that a real margarita is so much better than the pre-mixed stuff, but this Grapefruit Tangerine premixed margarita from Jose Cuervo is pretty delicious. I fell in love with it in Arkansas, and then found they don’t sell it in Virginia. I went to an ABC store here and had them order me a case of it, but it never came in. When we went camping with G’s family a couple of weeks ago, we made a stop at the ABC store on the way. I saw they had it and got excited. Really excited. The employees there probably think I’m a raging alcoholic. I literally fit pumped and let out a very excited (and loud) “yes!” I bought three bottles of it, and will probably buy many, many more when we’re in North Carolina again over Thanksgiving.

I love olives. They’re pretty much my favorite thing on the planet. The olive bar at Whole Foods is my idea of heaven. And when I saw this hummus at Harris Teeter the other day, I couldn’t resist. Sabra is my favorite brand of hummus anyways, but when you add lots of chopped olives to the top? I’m pretty much a goner. G & I killed the tub of it a lot faster than is acceptable, and now I feel like I’m constantly restocking it in our household. I bought about 20 cucumbers from a produce stand in South Carolina a few weeks ago, so I’ve been slicing them up and eating cucumbers (or baby carrots) and hummus for lunch, instead of chips and dip. It’s healthier, and really, really delicious.

I don’t like the drama around Taylor Swift’s love life, but I like a lot of her songs. And I really, really like her newest single, ‘Shake It Off’. It’s a really fun, upbeat song and it makes me look forward to her upcoming pop album. Her last album was a lot of pop and I enjoyed most of the songs on it, so I’m sure I’ll enjoy this one as well. There are very few artists whose albums I always buy. She is one of them. Carrie Underwood is another.

2014-09-03 09.02.02

This kills me to say it, but I’m actually loving using my iPad as an eReader. I’ve always hated the idea of eReaders. I hate that they’re killing bookstores (RIP Borders) and libraries. In the summer of 2008, I found myself single for the first time in 5 years. Being single when your friends are all engaged/married pretty much sucks. So, I spent a lot of Saturday nights, walking around Borders. I picked out amazing books by talking to the staff, and just seeing what covers jumped out at me. You can’t get the same book buying experience digitally. But, I’ve had a lot more free time lately, and I’ve been using my iPad to do some reading. I’ve already finished a couple of pretty decent books, and now I’ve decided it’s time to reread the Harry Potter series. To me, reading is much, much more enjoyable with a physical book in your hand, but right now, using my iPad is just a lot more convenient. I figure that if I read a book I LOVE, I’ll still buy a paper version of it, to keep forever, but it’s nice not having to waste money on books that turn out to be really disappointing (like every book by Erik Larson & Heather Gudenkauf). Especially since I’m still in my free trial of Kindle Unlimited, and have 600,000 books to consider.

2014-09-03 09.18.50-2

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