Restaurant Review: Hayashi Sushi & Grill

Graham and I are continuing our quest to find great restaurants in Virginia. I had a doctor’s appointment on Friday, and one of the magazines they had been Coastal Virginia Magazine’s ‘Best of…’ issue. We were planning to have a sushi date that weekend, so I decided to try one of the places on the list. And that’s how we ended up at Hayashi Sushi & Grill.

Hayashi impressed me when we walked in with their modern decor, extensive menu and friendly staff.
2014-09-12 18.02.38

We were sat promptly and our server was friendly and attentive. We ordered our drinks and asked for appetizer recommendations. She raved about the crab hamrumaki. She said it was “similar to the crab Rangoon that you get at cheap chinese restaurants, but a thousand times better.” It was not good. It was perfectly crispy, and the citrus glaze was delicious, but thing you could taste was the onion. Give me the crab Rangoon at the “cheap” restaurants any day of the week.
2014-09-12 18.16.59
We ordered four sushi rolls, and spent enough that we got complimentary salad & soup. I went with the house salad (I’m a sucker for ginger dressing) and Graham had the miso soup. Both were delicious. I loved that they served the dressing in a separate pot for me to pour on my own. I was able to happily drown my salad in dressing. =)
2014-09-12 18.15.00
We typically order four rolls when we have sushi. I pick two, he picks two. I always order a rainbow roll, and the other rolls we ordered were the Area 51 (salmon avocado roll with wasabi tobiko, special sauce on top; battered & fried), the Volcano (shrimp tempura, chili, masago/ikura, spicy mayo, wasabi tobiko) and the Hot Night (shrimp tempura/spicy tuna, crunch, eel sauce & smelt roe).

The rainbow roll was delicious. It had a good amount of cucumber, so it had an excellent crunch to it. The other rolls were a disappointment. None of them had very much flavor. I’m guessing the sauces they were drenched in masked the flavors of the fish. But my biggest problem with the rolls were how small they were. If you consider the price of the rolls and the size of the rolls, it made them some of the most expensive we’ve ever had. I mean, I’ve gotten bigger, fancier rolls at the grocery store.

2014-09-12 18.30.09 2014-09-12 18.30.36-1

My other problem with the rolls was the way they were advertised. At the top of the sushi menu it said that they were all $13 each, or 3 for $35. When the check came, they were all $13 each. We asked our server and she said that none of the rolls we ordered qualified. Um… there was nothing on the menu that differentiated the rolls that were a special price from the rest of them. It was a whopping total of $4, so obviously not a big deal, but it was still really annoying.


(Their menu on their website)

2014-09-12 18.52.06(The menu outside the restaurant)

 So, overall I wasn’t super pleased with our dinner here. Kero Sushi in Yorktown is still going to be my go-to. There are a few more places I need to check out before I name just one restaurant my “favorite sushi in Hampton Roads”.

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