What I’m Loving Wednesday

It’s Wednesday! Y’all know what that means… =)

A couple of weeks ago, someone on Instagram posted a semi-cute wreath. It was a grapevine wreath, a large monogram and a bow. And it was $105. I showed the photo to G and asked if he could cut the monogram for me. He said he could, and did. I spray painted it gold (technically “champagne mist”), hung it on a boxwood wreath from Target I’ve been coveting for a while, and added a handmade bow. DONE. And soooooo much cheaper than the $105 (plus $24 for shipping!) wreath on etsy. I’m absolutely IN LOVE with this wreath. I love how it turned out, and I can easily change out the ribbon, making it season specific.2014-09-22 00.48.06

I am swooning over all of the gorgeous, witty and just plain awesome serving utensils over at Milk & Honey Luxuries. The day I discovered them, I think I pinned about six things from their etsy page. This ‘saucy’ ladle is at the top of my list, but the cake server that says ‘let them eat cake’ is a pretty close second. What’s even better? This company is semi-local. They’re based in Richmond, which is a whopping 45 minutes from me (depending on traffic on 64 of course).  a8199e6bd3edd7ba520aebdbc3bd3e63

Monday, I had an overwhelming desire for a ginger scented candle. I think it’s due to all of the fresh ginger we grated into our dinner Friday night & the bottle of Bath & Body Works Orange Ginger hand cream that’s on my nightstand. I went to TJ Maxx and Target first, then went to the mall to try Yankee Candle. Yankee Candle had a pumpkin ginger, and a ginger pumpkin. Neither smelled like ginger. Since I couldn’t find a candle, I decided that ginger chews would work instead. I’ve bought these before, and I need to start buying them more often. They’re so delicious! And ginger is supposed to be good for you, right? And I’m POSITIVE that ginger candy is included 😉c1080d3965818f1da3c02cf845da805d

I can’t stand putting dairy in my smoothies. You will never, ever, ever find me drinking a smoothie with milk or yogurt in it. I just can’t. Instead, I use unsweetened white or green tea for the liquid. While I was scouring Newport News for anything with the taste or scent of ginger, I picked up a box of this tea. I really love Argo’s Ginger Twist Green Tea, but I don’t love the calories (the tea is almost worth it though…). So, I picked up a box of Traditional Medicinals Ginger Aid at Fresh Market and it is delicious! I brewed it according to the package instructions, added a packet of Truvia and a ½” chunk of fresh ginger. I let it get cold and had one cup on its own, over ice, and one cup in my smoothie the following morning. All of the fruit in my smoothie masked the ginger taste, but the tea is excellent.7I was at Homegoods on a throw pillow hunt the other day, and couldn’t resist this popcorn Hampton Popcorn Company. I think it should actually be called crack or heroin or something else that is super addictive (I’ve never done any drugs, so I honestly don’t know what is and isn’t addictive). I didn’t find any throw pillows, but this popcorn (and the adorable wrapping paper I found) made up for it. It is so, so good! The kernels are huge, the caramel topping is delicious and not too sticky, and thanks to traffic on 64 (it never fails…), I ate about 1/3 of this bag on the way home. Once I got home, I broke out my food scale and portioned out the rest of it… I can’t be trusted with the whole bag.2014-09-22 16.26.46-1

4 thoughts on “What I’m Loving Wednesday

    • Heather says:

      It’s actually made from a leftover shelf from the shelving unit we bought for the garage. I think it’s particle board with coating on it. He cut it out with one of his power saws (I don’t know one from the other…)

      And thanks!

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