What I’m Loving Wednesday

Y’all. Marriage equality now exists in North Carolina. I am beyond happy about this. When I heard the news Friday evening, I literally got chills and started to cry. Now every post just puts a big, goofy grin on my face. Especially when it’s something like this one. These ladies have waited 31 years to be married. That’s an incredibly beautiful thing.
I saw this throw at the Homegoods in Virginia Beach about two months ago, and I wanted it. But we have about 400 blankets and throws, so I didn’t let myself buy it. But I regretted it. So every time I’ve been at Homegoods or TJ Maxx closer to home I looked for it and never found it. Saturday we went to dinner in Virginia Beach and we stopped by Homegoods to see if they still had it. AND THEY DID!!! It’s soft, it’s a beautiful shade of green, it looks great against the couch and with my new gold throw pillows. I’m in looooooove =)
2014-08-09 13.16.49
Sweet chili corn tortilla chips from Way Better Snacks. Holy crap, these are good. I got a small bag in a subscription box from Love With Food. Graham and I loved them, so I picked up a couple of bags during my next visit to Whole Foods. These are non-GMO, vegan, gluten free, and have a very, VERY easy to read/understand ingredient list. And they’re really delicious. We’ve only tried this flavor so far, but I can’t wait to try some of the other flavors they offer. I’m especially intrigued about the pumpkin-cranberry flavor! I’m definitely on the search for a bag of those!
Why Does Everyone Hate Lea Michele (and Anne Hathaway)? This article takes a look at why people hate women who are polished, successful, and seemingly have their stuff together. It’s a really interesting look at our sexist society.

And so the problem seems to be that Lea Michele and Anne Hathaway are too good. They are not fucked-up enough. They are too in control. They don’t stumble out of nightclubs, or go nutty next to an awards podium. And the public and media don’t like that: some of the comments about Hathaway hate were basically: “Yeah, I remember the annoying drama-club kid at school. Couldn’t stand them. She’s that girl.” The perfection and polish of Michele and Hathaway bring back red-button memories of the school know-it-all, the perfect head girl, the keen-as-mustard smiling drama school actress—and how you paled next to her. How you envied her, set yourself up in opposition to all that. And now, as an adult, dammit Missy Perfection—in the forms of Michele and Hathaway—is still stalking your flawed self.

How cute is this Boston terrier print? I love Boston terriers. My mom has one, Mattie, and she is just the best little dog ever. I’ll never forget the day I moved to Arkansas. Graham came by the house to finish loading the U-Haul, while I loaded up my car. Every time either of us went outside, Mattie came too, and kept hopping in my passenger seat. It was the sweetest, saddest thing. I was already crying hysterically, and Graham told Mattie she wasn’t making it any easier on me. I hated leaving that little dog behind. Luckily, I see her all the time now, and she’s still as wonderful as ever. Anyways, back to the print. I saw a HUGE Boston terrier painting at a local place here that I LOVED. But it was $400, which is kind of out of my budget this close to Christmas. Since this is a print, and not an original painting, this is much more budget friendly. Or, I may try to create one myself. We’ll see… Either way, I definitely need Boston terrier artwork in my home, in honor of the first dog I ever loved.

2014-10-14 15.09.22

I received an email recently from Mark & Graham with lots of wonderful Christmas things: (1) These plaid, monogrammed dinner napkins. I love them. I like plaid in small amounts, and these napkins are the perfect amount of plaid. (2) These melamine serving platters are adorable. If you’re making a special family a tray full of delicious Christmas baked goods, it would be awesome to gift them on this. Then once the treats are gone, they have an adorable plate they can use for many Christmases to come. (3) Mini stockings!!! Last year I saw a Christmas table setting with the silverware tucked inside a mini stocking. I’d love to do that, and these are simple & elegant. I don’t want red velvet & white fur stockings anywhere near me, but I’d love to use these. And, since they have initials on them, you could even use them for place cards (if no one has the same first initial…) (4) This silver Labrador Christmas ornament would be perfect for Hermione’s ornament on our tree this year (and yes, I’m the person who buys Christmas ornaments every year for their pet).

2014-10-14 15.24.56

4 thoughts on “What I’m Loving Wednesday

  1. Christina Orso says:

    that is HUGE for NC! so awesome. i’m very pro marriage equality so it makes me very happy too. i am in NEED of a boston terrier. i’ve fallen in love with them and religiously stalking petfinder for one!!

    • Heather says:

      I never thought it would happen in NC, so I’m overjoyed! And Boston terriers… Yesssssss. You asked what we want to see on your blog, there you go. A Boston terrier 🙂

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