Friday Five: 5 Reasons I Love My New Car

2014-10-29 08.37.02

So, earlier this week I traded in my 2010 Honda Civic for a 2012 Nissan Rogue SV. It’s only been a week, but so far I love it. For the past several months I had really, really started to hate my car. It was only four years old and had so many issues. And thanks to 13 trips between Charlotte & Arkansas, a trip to Chicago, a trip up to Maine, multiple trips between Little Rock & Dallas, and about 10 trips from Virginia to Charlotte, it also had 106,000 miles on it. Most of the issues it had were minor things, but still ridiculous for a four year old car. And in 2012, when my air conditioner stopped working, it was even more annoying. I remember driving through Chicago, kicking this spot under my dash to get it going again. My front bumper came loose recently. It won’t stay up. So, that got us talking more seriously about trading it in. We talked about selling it right before G deployed. That way I could just drive his, and we wouldn’t have a car payment for six months.

But Monday I hit my limit. I was driving home from Richmond (about an hour away) and my car started making an awful noise. I was worried I had another blow-out, so I pulled over to check everything out. All of my tires looked fine, so I laid down and looked under the car. Underneath the car there was a big piece of plastic that covered everything. And it was dragging. I tried to pull it off, and it wouldn’t come. So, I drove home, dragging this huge, piece of plastic with me.

2014-10-27 14.53.012014-10-30 15.28.27

Also on that ride home my tire light came on (it does this about every two weeks. NEVER BUY TIRES FROM FIRESTONE.) and my oil light came on. I know neither of those are Honda’s fault, but I was already really, really annoyed.

So, when G got home, he put my car on jacks so he could take it off. When he did, two other pieces came off with it. At that point I was DONE. I spent the next mornings’ drive to work hoping one of these crazy Virginia drivers would hit me and total it. I pretty much knew what my next car would be, so that evening we went car shopping. Ridiculously frustrating experience, but I’m beyond happy with my “new” car. It’s bigger, a lot more comfortable, has more bells & whistles, has crazy low mileage, drives great and I just love it!

So, here are the top five reasons I love my new car:

  1. All of the locks & windows work. This may not seem like a big deal, but my previous car had one window that didn’t work period, one lock that didn’t work period, and one lock that worked occasionally. Considering both of the locks that didn’t work were on the driver’s side, it was especially annoying. I mean, if you’re out shopping, you naturally put your bags in the backseat on the driver’s side. Not being able to do that was super annoying. Oh! And if I unlocked the back door manually, and forgot to lock it back it would click every 30 seconds while the car tried to lock it. SO. ANNOYING. Also, the panic button didn’t work on the remote. When you can’t find your car in a crowded outlet mall parking lot, you really, really want the remote to work.
  2. I love some of the features I previously took for granted. My mom used to drive a Ford Focus and it had the iPod hook up. My Civic didn’t have that, and I really missed it. My new car does. I like being able to control the music on my phone with the radio controls (little things make me happy). It also has a back-up camera and since I’m a horrible parker this is amazing to me. And while it isn’t important to me, G was all about the alloy wheels instead of wheel covers (since the ones on my Honda had worn off paint & looked horrible). When we were looking at cars, we looked at brand new Rogue selects that were the same price as the 2012 model I bought, but the selects had none of the features that came with the one I ended up getting.
  3. Y’all. Two little words: cargo space. Now, this is a small SUV. I call it a baby SUV. But going from a Civic to this makes me feel like I’m riding around in a stretch Hummer or something. There is more than enough space for me, G, Hermione, Buddy & Charlotte. We’re going to try and not use my car for animal transportation, but it’s nice knowing we have plenty of space. AND I could totally purchase an already assembled bookcase from Ikea, and not have to disassemble it in the parking lot after 20 minutes of trying to fit it in my car (still one of my stupidest moves to date).
  4. I love being higher up when I’m driving. I’ve only ever driven compact cars (I’ve had three Civics, I drove my mom’s Ford Focus for a while, and my first car was a tiny Toyota Paseo), and I was really surprised with how much more comfortable driving a SUV is. Does that mean I’m getting old?
  5. The interest rate on the Civic was really high, and I owed a LOT more on it than it was worth. We got a really good price on my new car, and the interest rate is HALF what I was paying for the Civic, and the cost of my car insurance went down. This one was a huge surprise, since it’s a newer vehicle. I remember back in the day, Honda Civics were desirable for car thieves. Maybe they still are, who knows. But my insurance went down a little more than $10 a month. Since my new car payment is a little bit higher, I’ll definitely take it! My car payment is more than it was before, but I’m

2014-10-29 08.36.41

So there you have it. I know Honda’s are supposed to be amazing, reliable cars; but this one wasn’t. And when you’re hoping for car accidents or are filled with rage when you look at your car, I think it’s definitely time to get a new one.

7 thoughts on “Friday Five: 5 Reasons I Love My New Car

  1. Marci says:

    She’s a beauty!!! I have a Toyota and love it. But, I am also not a car person. As long it drives well and has not issues- I could care less what I drive!

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