What I’m Loving Wednesday

What I’m loving the most this week (by a loooooooong shot) is our vet. We took Buddy & Charlotte to the vet last Monday for their annual shots, and the doctor detected a heart murmur when she was listening to Buddy’s heart, so I took him in again on Friday for an echocardiogram. Luckily, his heart is fine. No defective valves or any signs of heart disease. I was super relieved…. until Sunday when we noticed that he was having trouble urinating. So, I took him back Monday morning. They kept him for the day so that they could get a urine sample. When she called me to tell me he was okay, I hauled ass back to their office to pick him up. And when I got there, everyone was telling me how amazing he was, and what an awesome cat he was. That always makes me happy to hear. They truly care about my animals. The first time we went there, the doctor spent an hour talking to us about a bump on Hermione’s nose & her behavioral problems. The doctor called me at 9:30 last night to check on Buddy. They never act rushed to get to another patient, or act like my questions are crazy. So, if you’re in the Hampton Roads area and are in need of a vet, check out Salty Paws Veterinary Hospital.
2014-10-31 07.16.17-1 How adorable are these bowls from Target? I noticed them about a month ago, and when I was at Target on Saturday I noticed them again. Only this time they were 75% off! It was impossible to resist them when they’re only $1.18. I really have no place to put them, but I couldn’t leave Target without them .
2014-11-01 15.30.21-2
This apple pear sangria was absolutely delicious. It was fruity, sweet, and so refreshing. I omitted the lemon zest, just because I didn’t want to deal with tiny pieces of lemon, but otherwise followed the recipe as posted. It was my first time making sangria at home… and since I have a whole bottle of limoncello left, I can’t wait to make another pitcher of it.
2014-11-01 18.12.43
Lazy Sundays. Usually I fill our weekends with activities. Whether it’s hiking or beach days, we never spend a whole day at home. This Sunday we did. We woke up, decided to go out for breakfast instead of cooking at home, and once we came back we just sat on the couch all day watching movies. We watched Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (since I had never seen it). That gave me the urge to watch National Treasure. We then continued our day of quest movies and watched The DaVinci Code. It was amazing and something we need to do more often.
2014-11-02 09.53.25 2014-11-02 10.06.30
On my Civic I had a similar sticker, only it said Potter/Weasley 2012. When I bought my new car, I immediately emailed Christine from GoodMommyLtd to order a new sticker. Only this time, I requested a special one. Because we all know the REAL dream team is Harry & Hermione, not Harry & Ron. Christine is awesome and accommodating, and I really love her decals.
These pie crust cutters from Williams-Sonoma are a total Thanksgiving pie game changer. How cool is this pie??? Unfortunately they don’t sell these exact shapes anymore, but they sell some on eBay. And these are so easy to use. The shapes hold their form perfectly, even the ones that stuck to the cutter. I love them and now I want to make a 1,000 pies with leaf cutouts. This pie turned out SO pretty. The recipe was adapted from this one from Four and Twenty Blackbirds. I wasn’t completely pleased with it though. The pie had great flavor, but was kind of runny. I’m going to try again with a few modifications, and share my recipe soon!
Bake. Create. Love. Salted Caramel Apple Pie (2)

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