What I’m Loving Wednesday: My Christmas Wish List

Happy Day before Thanksgiving, everyone! As soon as Graham get’s home from work, we (along with Buddy, Hermione & Charlotte) are going to make the journey to Charlotte for Christmas. Y’all, I miss Arkansas daily. But I am so thankful that our travel time home has been cut in half. Five & a half hours is so, so, SO much better than 12. Especially when one of your travel companions has really bad travel anxiety and gets carsick (I’m looking at you, Buddy.)

Since Friday officially kicks off the Christmas season, I figured I’d share a few of the things on my Christmas wish list this week… just in case anyone has the urge to send gifts my way =)

Barefoot Contessa: Back to Basics. I love Ina. She may be a little hard to relate to, with her amazing house in the Hamptons and her professional background, but she’s amazing. And her recipes never, ever fail me. I received Foolproof last year, so this year I’d like to add this book to my Ina collection.


The orange-ginger Aromatherapy line from Bath & Body Works is my favorite scent ever. I’ve yet to find an amazing smelling ginger candle, so I’ve settled for slathering myself in this stuff every chance I get. (And right now the lotion & body wash is marked down from $13 to $6!!!)



How cute is this vest from Target? The faux fur-trimmed hood is completely adorable.


I know I gushed about these candles from Anthropologie in a previous WILW, but I love them! I still can’t decide which color is my favorite though. It’s a toss up between the green one and the purple one…


And of course Lush bath bombs are on my list! These bad boys aren’t cheap, and I’m obsessed with them. So, if Santa wants to leave a few under the tree, or one in my stocking, that would make me pretty darn happy.

Lush Bath Bombs - Bake. Create. Love.


My back up iPhone was stolen last year, and my iPod was stolen the year before that, so it’s definitely time for a new one since I hate taking up valuable space on my phone with music. I’m partial to the purple one, since that’s what I had before. I came really close to going to Best Buy yesterday and buying one myself. We have a lottttttt of time in the car coming up over the next month and would like to listen to the Harry Potter audio books again, and I need something to play them on. But, I resisted… Hopefully that patience pays off with a little box from Apple under the tree.3d6a2141d552cabd6b21789ddf8ff30f

HOW FREAKING CUTE ARE THESE monogrammed Converse shoes??? I’m tempted to say I’d like the pink thread, since pink is my go-to embroidery color, but I think white would be the best option. Size 7 please =)


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