52 Week Saving Challenge (with 2015 dates)

So who’s down for a painless way to save $1378 in 2015?

It’s simple. Every week you save money based on what week in the year it is. The first week you save $1. The next week, you save $2. The twentieth week, you save $20 (and so on).

You can use actual cash and put in a jar, or you can set up a separate savings account and transfer the money from one bank account to another every week. I use the bank account method. Since I don’t carry cash ever, I feel like I’d waste more than I’d save. The first week, I’d end up getting $20 from the ATM, buying a pack of gum to break it, putting a dollar in the jar and then blowing the rest, which doesn’t feel like saving to me. Transferring from one account to another is so easy and there is nothing to waste. And, you earn a tiny bit of interest.

Whichever method you use, here is a handy little chart to help you keep track. I made my own sheet, because I’m a control freak and I needed the dates to make sense. January 1-January 7 doesn’t work for me, because those dates are the middle of two different weeks. Week 1, Week 2, etc. doesn’t work for me, because I need to be able to see the dates. I’m weird, I know. But feel free to download if you’d like!

Happy saving!


27 thoughts on “52 Week Saving Challenge (with 2015 dates)

  1. mrsmadamegilbert says:

    @Lisa, I get paid twice per month. However, I’m only able to save anything from my second check each month. For me, it would be easier to just take the $1378 and divide it by 12, and save the $114.84 per month. Just a thought!

  2. geraldine santoli says:

    I did i last year!! in 3 envelopes… I did it backwards.. 52 dollars 1st week and went down.. Then when it went below 50.00, i would keep putting in 50.00 and crossing off the opposite way, $1, then $2 and on.. Made christmas easier with 5 grandsons….

  3. Cindy Braid says:

    We successfully completed this last year. As both my husband and I are self employed we just picked a week that suited us financially. Will be enjoying our savings from last year next weekend. 🙂

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