What I’m Loving Wednesday: Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas Eve! My family has always celebrated on Christmas Eve, so tonight is Christmas for me. Tomorrow, we’ll celebrate with Graham’s family (can I just say how much I LOVE that there is no fighting about who we spend the holidays with), and tomorrow night we’ll head to Kings Mountain and have dinner with my Aunt & my cousins. But now that most everyone has opened their gifts (and the ones that haven’t don’t read my blog…), I want to share the gifts I was most excited to give for Christmas this year.

I’m pretty excited about this handmade doll I’m giving my friend Kelly’s little girl (she’s getting the blonde one). When I asked about Christmas gifts, Kelly told me that her daughter was into baby dolls and Minnie Mouse. I looked at all of the typical places for a doll, but they’re all really creepy. Not to mention I didn’t want to get her a doll she already had, or that someone else would get for her. So, when I saw someone post a photo of one of these dolls on Instagram, I was in love. They’re handmade by a woman who lives in Arkansas. She started making them for her granddaughter, and now sells them. It was a little more than I was looking to spend, and Graham thought it was kind of creepy, but I really loved it. And hopefully Kelly & her daughter do too, since I can’t exactly return it.  If you’re looking for a special gift for a little girl, check out Lolli’s Shop.
So, I had bought my mother-in-law a ribbon wick candle that smelled like Christmas cookies. Obviously, Hermione thought it smelled a little too much like Christmas cookies, because she knocked it off the counter, broke it, and gnawed on it a little bit. I couldn’t find one at any of the stores here that was as pretty, so I gave up and looked for an alternative. I eventually found this candle holder at Pier 1, and if I’m being completely honest, I kind of want to keep it for myself. I also bought some candles to go with it, and I hope she loves it as much as I do.
I found this at Paper Skyscraper when we were home at Thanksgiving, and I immediately thought of Graham. He doesn’t like a lot of bulk on his key ring, so I thought this handy, credit card sized tool would be perfect for him. It’s sleek and really practical. It’s 12 tools in one, it’s lightweight, and it’s TSA compliant. I’m not sure if he’ll ever use half of the features it has, but I think it’s pretty darned cool.
Graham and his dad both LOVE peanuts (the kind in the shell). We always have a bag at our house, and his parents always have a bag at theirs. When I saw this nut case on CB2, I had to buy it for my father-in-law. I bought a bag of the peanuts he likes, and stuffed the case with them. I also dumped a bunch inside the box to act as packing material. Now if we can just keep Hermione from opening it before he does, we’ll be good to go!
Good friends of ours had a baby in October. I was stressing over what to get him, when Graham reminded me that at this point he’s a potato, and anything will be fine. So, I went with my go-t0 gift idea for very small children: books. Even though he can’t enjoy it now, I hope he’ll love it when he gets older. And to any parents in Charlotte: BUY THIS. The illustrations of the Queen City are so pretty, and it’s a really cute book. I also bought him this adorable little handmade dinosaur. “Lots of curves makes him easy for small hands to grasp, and the un-looped ribbons along his back are great for chewing, rubbing and tugging.”It was a little smaller than I was picturing, but it’s really, really cute and I love it.
Whoever said you can’t find clothes for little boys that are as cute as clothes for little girls is just crazy. This outfit I bought at TJ Maxx for my nephew is one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen. Tiny, dark-wash jeans, an adorable button down shirt and the cutest little sweater. I may or may not have liked this outfit so much, I bought Graham a similar one…
2014-12-03 17.56.24



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