What I’m Loving Wednesday

Ahhh, Wednesdays. I love Wednesdays. I love only having one day of work left for the week. I love doing my meal planning. And I love sharing some cool things I’ve found recently with you guys.


Coconut body butter from Trader Joe’s. I started buying this stuff in October, and I’m obsessed with it. I typically have oily skin, but as soon as the temperature drops below 60, my skin is painfully dry. This stuff is a lifesaver. It feels smooth and luxurious going on, and it smells amazing. And, it’s super cheap. For a pretty good sized tub of it, you’ll only spend $4.99. My husband used some of mine one night and fell in love with it, so I bought him, my mom & my mother-in-law tubs of it for Christmas. I absolutely can not get enough!


This shelving unit from Crate & Barrel. Although, I’m totally going to have Graham build me something similar, instead of buying it from them. Even though that means I won’t have it for a while… (I’m still waiting on a bookshelf I saw at Crate & Barrel about 4 years ago). That $1499 price tag is just a little bit insane, but I really, really love this. I love the industrial-ness that the metal gives, and the warmth you get from the wood.


How cute is this green chair from Ikea? I have no idea where I’d put it (although I still like the idea of getting a colorful chair for our bedroom, and for the guest room…), but I really, really love that bold shade of green. I’ll probably never get it, since it would just be a catch all for crap & cat hair, but in a fantasy world where my animals don’t shed, this would definitely hang out in our bedroom.


This little corner cabinet, also from Ikea. I don’t love either of the colors it comes in, but I love the shape and the size. And the color of it would be any easy thing to change.


I may hate summer, and I’m dreading it more than you could possibly imagine, but I am LOVING this swimsuit from Anthropologie. I love the neckline, the colors, the pattern… I just love it.

39831a74172cc4dc08fb138e9a6a848fHow amazing are these hanging fruit baskets??? When we eventually have a house again, and not a teeny-tiny apartment kitchen, I’d love to hang a cluster of these somewhere. They’re definitely not inexpensive, but they’re really, really cool.


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