What I’m Loving Wednesday

Y’all. This is my 500th blog post! Crazy! Many, many years ago when I started posting here, I was just looking for a place to share cool information. I had a “friends-only” Live Journal for the more personal stuff, but I wanted to be able to share recipes, cool photos, stuff I wanted, and anything else my heart desired. Eventually, this replaced the Live Journal. It still exists, but hasn’t been updated in about five years. Anyways. Check out my first ever post, complete with really horrible flip phone photography. I look at that picture and can’t help but laugh (back when I first bought that phone, everyone commented that it took really good photos). Technology, and my baking skills, have come so far since 2009.

Anyways. It’s Wednesday. And I love this stuff.

How freaking cute is this rolling pin? I have a Christmas one that has snowflakes on it, and it produced such a cool effect. Of course, I have no idea what kind of dough I would want to roll tiny cats on to, but I still want it. 33234893a7d7b96bca94ab0facfc47a2 This is Buddy. At least 2-3 times a week, we’ll leave a drink unattended for mere minutes (usually me), and we look over and see him pawing at the ice cubes in it. Not sure why he does this, but it’s annoying and semi-adorable. I know I come off as a crazy cat lady, but he really is awesome and super smart. We see him doing it, yell for him to stop, and before we can get to him, he’ll subtly flick his paw and knock the cup over. I love this print. Not sure where I would hang it, but I love it. dcc748a3d3058a473927c666ee91110aI’ve been wanting a Le Creuset for a while. I’ve had the Martha Stewart one from Macy’s, and I’ve had a Food Network one from Kohls, and neither have held up very well. I got a good bit of money from my mom and my in-laws for Christmas, so I’ve decided to use some of it, and get what I should have gotten in the first place. And I’m in loooooooove with the new matte navy. I saw this when we were in Charleston, and it just about killed me not to buy it on the spot! From my exhaustive internet searching, I’m pretty sure the navy is only available at Williams-Sonoma. I can’t wait for it to get here!
Y’all know I love mason jars, and these purple ones are my favorite so far! Apparently the colored mason jars from Ball the past three years (first aqua, then green & now purple) have been a part of a limited edition series. Of course I had to finish out the series (much to Graham’s displeasure…). I think the purple are my favorite of all the colors. They’re a little smokier in person than they are in the pictures, but the color is still so, so pretty.
632810eMy favorite game to play with other people (no one likes playing Scrabble or Monopoly with me… I’m a tad bit competitive) is Cards Against Humanity. If you’re not easily offended it is a lot of fun. Some of the cards are pretty horrible, tacky, tasteless, etc. And they give you blank ones in case you come up with something equally horrible. Anyways. There is the game, and then there are a bunch of expansion packs. Once we had all of the expansion packs, I needed something to put them in. Enter the bigger, blacker box. It was $15, but I had to have it. When it came, I just thought it was a cool box and it was serving its purpose of keeping all of my cards in one place. Then, I learned there was a card hidden inside the box, and it was instantly cooler. The card reads “biggest, blackest d*ck” and is printed in silver foil instead of the black ink.

bigger blacker box

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