Weekend love.

Happy Tuesday, friends! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! Graham took this week off, and since I’m always off on Monday, we had another long weekend.


Friday we had a sushi date at Kero Sushi. We’ve tried a few places here, and Kero is definitely our favorite. The sushi is inventive and delicious, it’s close to the apartment, the decor is nice and the prices are reasonable.

2015-01-23 17.46.13-1

(and they give you free soup or salad when you order two rolls.)

2015-01-23 18.11.11-1

This trip we had the rainbow roll (duh), the mango shrimp roll, the samurai roll, & the New Year roll. This was the first time ever that we absolutely loved every roll we ordered. The mango shrimp roll was especially delicious.


Saturday was all about vintage stuff & furniture. We started our day at Everything Vintage in Toano. Multiple people have told me about this spot, and I couldn’t wait to check it out. Everything was totally amazing, and completely out of my price range.

Once we left there, we stopped by Williamsburg Antique Mall on our way home. That place is amazing. First, it’s HUGE. Second, they have a little bit of everything. Third, some of their stuff is just completely ridiculous. This old Happy Days game made me smile. We’ve been doing a Friends rewatch, and you can’t have the classic beach episode of Friends without the (strip) Happy Days game.

2015-01-24 13.29.56

The Seventeen Cookbook. SERIOUSLY? How crazy is this. If they hadn’t been asking for $45, I probably would have bought it.
2015-01-24 13.00.08

Fun fact: I saw Titanic 18 times in theaters. Saying I was obsessed would be putting it very, very mildly. So how in the world did I not know this doll existed!!! Granted, I was 14 and didn’t play with dolls, but I still would have wanted it!

2015-01-24 13.38.06

I did buy this cookbook though. Marcella Hazan is one of the 50 Women Game Changers, and this book is considered the Bible of Italian cooking. I checked a copy out of the library a few weeks ago, and knew instantly I would end up buying it. I’m so glad I found this copy (in perfect condition) for $4!2015-01-24 15.29.35

Once we finished at the antique shops, we went to look at a dresser I found on Craigslist. Nice, huh? Ugh. It hurts my heart that someone did this to a vintage Bassett dresser, that’s in pretty good condition. I can’t wait to see how it’s going to turn out!2015-01-24 16.34.33-1


Sunday was really delicious. I woke up and wasn’t in the mood for the stuff we usually eat for breakfast (eggs, waffles, grits, oatmeal), so we ended up at Venture Kitchen & Bar. We started out with $2 cocktails (a mimosa for me, and a bloody mary for Graham).

2015-01-25 10.40.43-1

We started our brunch with an order of their housemade tots. You may recall that these made the list of the 10 best things I’ve ever eaten. And they didn’t disappoint this time. 2015-01-25 10.50.57

Graham had one of their specials, the steak & eggs. This looked so amazing, and the steak was delicious. Dishes like this make me wish I didn’t really, really hate runny eggs. 2015-01-25 11.03.25-1

I had the best french toast & bacon. It was served with a lemon custard and a blueberry compote and was perfect. 2015-01-25 11.03.49-1

Since we had a late brunch, we skipped lunch. Then around 4:00, we got hungry, so I made us this amazing snack plate. We shared an apple, blueberries, Ritz crackers, everything pretzel this, toasted naan, hummus, vermont cheddar and a spoonful of coconut peanut butter. This was delicious! 2015-01-25 15.24.25-1

We also got started on our new dresser. We bought some paint stripper and tested a small spot on the dresser and on one of the drawers. It came off pretty easily, and the wood underneath was in really good condition. So we covered the whole thing with paint stripper and let it hang out overnight.
2015-01-25 16.26.022015-01-25 16.25.48

And that night we finally went to see the Hobbit. We stopped at the drugstore first for some candy (I promise all of this wasn’t for me). I enjoyed the movie, but I like the Lord of the Rings trilogy better. The only characters I really cared about were Bard, Gandalf & Legolas. The dwarfs were very hard to like, since Thorein was such a douche for most of the movie. 2015-01-25 20.05.49


Since Graham was off, he made waffles for breakfast. I love waffles. A lot.

2015-01-26 10.27.30

Then we got to work on the dresser. We were pretty excited to see how the paint stripper had bubbled up, but unfortunately all of the paint didn’t come off. 2015-01-26 11.20.23

We’re going to try a little bit harder to get the paint off, but if we can’t we’re going to paint the whole thing. It’s going in the guest room, so as much as I would love to paint it navy blue with gold dipped legs, I’m thinking white with gold legs & drawer pulls. But my mind has already changed a few times, so we’ll see…2015-01-26 13.59.00-1

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