What I’m Loving Wednesday

It’s Wednesday! I wish I could say that I’m loving all of the snow we got. Unfortunately, we didn’t get very much. Yesterday we had some flurries, and I got a two hour work delay, but it wasn’t enough to have fun with. Anyways. Here is the stuff I’m loving right now.

Serial. Yes, I know I’m a little late to jump on this bandwagon, but holy crap! I started listening last Thursday and was almost finished by the next day. Then, I decided Graham needed to listen to it as well, so I could talk about it with him, so I started over. We finished it Monday night, and I can’t stop thinking about it! I don’t know who I think did it. Sometimes I think Adnan is definitely guilty, other times I think he’s innocent. And even though he seems very likeable, I think deep down I believe he did it. But no matter whether he is guilty or innocent, I do not think he should have been convicted. The lack of an actual case against Adnan (other than Jay) was absolutely unbelievable, and there was absolutely nothing consistent about anyone. Stories kept changing, timelines kept changing. And the complete lack of forensic evidence was just mind-blowing. I’m still thinking about it, and I have so many more questions and problems with this case. However, his lawyer was a nightmare, and if I had been on the jury and was forced to listen to her voice every day, I may have convicted him just because she was SO unlikable.

2015-01-23 19.35.52-1

I bought a rice cooker last week, and I love it already. I know it sounds like kind of a dumb purchase for someone who loves to cook, but I can’t cook rice. I’m so embarrassed to admit this, but I haven’t made a successful pot of rice in years. Not sure what the problem is, since I follow the directions to the letter, but it’s never the fluffy, delicious rice it should be. Also, I hate how long it takes to cook. Hence the rice cooker. Now, I got a fairly inexpensive model, which doesn’t have the “quick cooking” option that Emily’s has, so it technically doesn’t save me any time. But it has a timer feature on it, so I can dump everything it, set it to start in 4, 6, or 8 hours, and bam. I have rice. Once it’s done cooking, it switches over to the “keep warm” feature. I’ve made oatmeal so far, and jasmine rice. The oatmeal was a little sticky (I don’t think I added enough liquid), but the rice was perfect. Most of the recipes I’ve seen for oatmeal use steel cut oats instead of rolled, so I’m going to pick up some of those next time I’m at Trader Joe’s.


These dishes! I’m pretty sure that G is getting tired of my obsession with dishes, because honestly, it is pretty ridiculous. We have NO PLACE for them. I have a complete set of basic white dishes from when we got married (eight rectangular dinner plates and salad plates, eight bowls and two matching serving bowls). And I love them. But then I’ll see really cute bowls on clearance at Target, World Market or TJ Maxx and have to have them. So, the only place to put them is on top of our white dishes. It’s slightly annoying to constantly have to shuffle everything in the cabinet anytime we need a plate. Oh well. It’s going to get worse, because I have to have these! I ate one a plate similar to this somewhere, and for the life of me I can not remember where, but I love these! I love the slight rim that these have. I’m not going to buy a full set, but at least 2-3 of each. Now I just have to figure out where the heck I’m going to put them. What I’d like to do is use our new dresser for food prop storage. It’s going in the guest room, so it’s sole purpose is to function as extra storage for us. Our kitchen closet is overflowing with random crap, and I’d like to find it a permanent, and less precarious than the closet.


I need this shirt in my life. Like whoa. I don’t really work all that hard, but still. I need this shirt.


I need to stay off of Anthropologie’s website, because every time I find myself there, I find about 20 things I want. Right now I really want these hanging planters. These are so cute! I’d love to hang them on a really bold wall… say, a navy blue wall, with a bright green plant in each one. They’re definitely not cheap ($42 each), but hopefully they’ll go on sale at some point.



5 thoughts on “What I’m Loving Wednesday

  1. Christina Orso says:

    Serial is so crazy. I can’t wrap my head around how disorganized and “messy” the case was. I think he’s guilty. And Jay. Ugh Jay is the worst. On a positive note, I love that plateware!

    • Heather says:

      I don’t want him to be guilty, because he’s very likeable, but I think he is too. The case just blows my mind though. We hear all the time of people who are acquitted with so much actual evidence, and they convict him with practically nothing. It makes no sense!

      And thanks! There is a CB2 in Georgetown… I’m thinking we’re going to have to stop on our next DC day trip!

    • Heather says:

      We definitely need to do lunch one day soon. I tried to comment with that on your blog post about goals the other day, but Disqus wasn’t cooperating with me. =(

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