What I’m Loving Wednesday: The CB2 Edition

Since buying my father in law this for Christmas, I’ve been obsessed with CB2 lately. I’ve never been in one of their stores before, but that changed during a day trip to DC on Friday. I was on the hunt for a specific style of plate, and they had exactly what I was looking for. We went, we bought my plates (and several bowls…) and left completely in love with the store. When we got home, I went on a crazy, CB2 pinning spree, and I am so excited to stop there again on our next day trip to DC.

First, this light fixture. I’m completely in love with this as it is, and think it would look amazing over an island in the kitchen, or a smaller dining table.
PicMonkey Collage
However. Add two of them together, and bam! And since the light fixture is only $199, I think adding two together for a bolder statement is pretty doable.
firefly-pendant-lamp (1)How cool are these fish planters? I’m completely incapable of keeping real plants alive, so I’d love to fill one with fake succulents (those are the only fake plants my cats have no interest in chewing on) and sit it on the pretty shelves in our living room. I like the green one, but I really, really love the gold one (psst- the gold one is also $10 cheaper!).


It has no place in our home, but how cool is this jack side table? I saw it, and I instantly thought of Graham and called him over to look at it. I think this would make an awesome nightstand in a boys bedroom, or in some type of man cave.


I’m a sucker for serving platters, and these marble ones just sucked me in instantly. I especially love the hex shape. Marble is typically very classy and formal, I think the shape makes these a little fun and gives it a lot more interest. The white one is the larger of the two, and is definitely my favorite.


I love this framework credenza. My cookbook collection is spiraling out of control, thanks to my 50 Women Game Changers in Food project. One of these days, when we have a house again, and a dining room, I’d love something like this to go in the space. Something I can decorate with candlesticks, pretty serving dishes and stacks of artistically arranged cookbooks. Someday…

6ad5c0c5f6ca5acea5fd0809e6f80ffebarnacle-rugI do a ridiculous amount of online shopping/browsing, so if you’re interested in more amazing things that I find, be sure to follow me on Pinterest.



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