I’m now obsessed with Minted

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. I received a promotional item for writing this, but all opinions are completely my own. 

Since redo-ing the guest bathroom (aka Graham’s bathroom) a few months ago, I’ve been on the hunt for cheerful art to go in the bathroom. And up until now, I’ve had no luck finding anything I like. The bathroom is yellow and gray, with quatrefoils out the wazoo. After searching for yellow and gray art on Pinterest (which resulted in nothing but birds and chevrons), I decided I needed more color in the room. I wanted art that of course had some yellow in it, but I also wanted bold pinks, blues and greens.

Part of the problem I always have when buying art is that I prefer clusters of similar things, instead of one big statement piece. Everything I’ve seen at Target & Homegoods/TJ Maxx has been a little cheesy, and honestly, searching for art on Etsy can be more than a little overwhelming.

Enter Minted. Honestly, I’ve always thought of Minted as just stationary. I was really excited to learn about their art marketplace. Once I started browsing, I couldn’t stop. I filled up my Pinterest boards with prints that I wanted (probably annoying my twitter followers in the process – I had forgotten my pins were set to share on twitter… oops). They have over 2,000 prints you can order, and searching for exactly what you’re looking for is so, so easy. You can search by size, color, type (drawing, mixed media, etc.), subject matter, etc.

I started by searching by color: pink. And within minutes I found several prints that I absolutely loved. I’m not sure if I would hang them all together, especially since #2 is a different size. But all three are so bright and fun, and would definitely cheer up the bathroom.

bright colors1|2|3

After finding the colorful ones I was looking for, I continued to browse. These three really wouldn’t fit in our apartment anywhere, but they’re so pretty and soothing. In a bigger house, I’d love to have large prints of these three and hang them side by side in crisp white frames on a boldly painted wall.


So, I kept browsing and I came across this colorful print of tangerines, and I thought that it would look awesome in a bright and airy kitchen. I used the search filter and browsed for food. Tons of options came up, and I quickly pinned these other two. I think the pineapple is my favorite.

And while I was browsing for pink prints, I stumbled upon these ABC prints. How adorable would these look in a little girls room? We don’t have kids, but I definitely pinned these as future gifts for pregnant friends.
ABC 1|2|3

I could have looked at art all day, but eventually other things caught my interest, like this photo backdrop. These backdrops are pricey, but how cool would this be at a wedding or engagement party?f3e38b784fabc3e860740ccb81fa5eb7

And while I’m not usually one for bunting, I loved this one. And the best part: it may look like glitter, but there is no glitter actually on it. Thank God. I’m a glitter magnet. I just have to look at it, and I’m covered in the stuff.


So, there you have it. After spending a few hours browsing, I now want to spend all of my money on prints, and I have an overwhelming urge to throw a party. Graham is deploying this spring… Maybe I should start planning a going away party…

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