Valentine’s Day Weekend

I love Valentine’s Day. Even when I was single, I loved it. I love the optimism, the happiness, the chocolates… I just love everything about it. But most importantly, I love who I share the day (and my life) with.

Here’s a peek into our weekend. It was awesome. And really delicious. And a bit lazy…

Graham and I decided not to do gifts this year, so I picked myself up some flowers from Trader Joe’s. They’re on the second shelf. Buddy has been very, very interested in that shelf.
2015-02-13 14.50.23-1


Saturday, we headed out to Smithfield, and had lunch at the Smithfield Inn. The service was mediocre, but the inn was charming, and the food was delicious. 2015-02-14 11.36.18

Earlier this year, I saw a special on the Travel Channel about the Smithfield Inn. In the segment, they mentioned Mozell Brown and her famous ham rolls. Mozell has worked there for 48 years, and comes in every morning at 4:00am to make the rolls. The recipe is her mothers, and is a secret she’s not sharing. You can order a single roll, 6, or 12. We ordered six to share, and they were so, so good. 2015-02-14 11.48.06

We were actually full from the rolls by the time our sandwiches arrived. I don’t remember what Graham ordered, and I don’t see it on the menu, but it was turkey and pimento cheese, and was delicious. He ordered sweet potato fries that came with a caramel aioli, which he went crazy over. 2015-02-14 11.59.43

I had what is quite possibly the most southern sandwich in the history of the world. It was a fried green tomato BLT, with pimento cheese on it. It was good, but huge. I only managed half of it. 2015-02-14 12.00.10

After lunch, we spent some time walking around the city. It’s full of cute shops, and cute pigs. The pigs may not have been Razorbacks, but it still reminded me a little of Arkansas. 2015-02-14 12.41.072015-02-14 13.03.00

And the last shop we went in as a pet supply store, and we met this guy. HOW CUTE IS HE???
2015-02-14 13.17.24We headed back home after that, and Graham disappeared to the garage to work on a cookbook stand he’s making me, and I tidied up and started on dinner. We had SO much food! I had planned on pasta & a salad, but at the last minute I picked up half a pound of shrimp and did shrimp cocktails, since he always requests that. Everything was so good.
2015-02-14 18.30.32

We had a salad made of spinach tossed in Tessemae’s soy-ginger dressing, with blackberries, a blood orange, a thinly sliced pear, goat cheese & toasted pecans. It was amazing. 2015-02-14 18.30.37-1

For our entrée, I wanted to recreate our favorite dish from Little Rock: So’s scallops with squid ink linguine. It was good, but not as good as what we’ve ordered from there. It needed more sauce, and less onions. So, I’m going to try it again sometime soon. 2015-02-14 18.30.41-1

And for dessert, we had strawberry shortcakes. I bought the shells from Harris Teeter, and filled them with homemade strawberry sauce, fresh strawberries and homemade whipped cream.2015-02-14 18.58.52-1

We curled up on the couch and watched Frozen after dinner, and it was a wonderful evening.

Sunday started out a tiny bit productive… I finally settled on a color palate for the dresser we’re refinishing, and we got the first coat of paint on. It’s going to be so pretty when it’s finished.
2015-02-15 11.52.20-1

After that, we had the laziest day imaginable. So lazy, in fact, that we finished all but four episodes of season 10 of Friends. We didn’t even leave the couch for dinner. I didn’t feel like eating leftover soup, so we ordered a pizza & wings from Donato’s, 2015-02-15 17.55.37-1

Hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine’s Day Weekend!




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