A Snow Day in Virginia

Unlike our friends up north, we don’t see a lot of snow here in Virginia. We got two good snows last year, and so far we’ve gotten one good snow this year. This one. It started snowing Monday afternoon…
2015-02-16 15.43.18

Two hours later, it was still snowing and there was a decent covering on everything.
2015-02-16 17.32.40

And it continued to snow all night. Graham had to go into work, so I went downstairs to have drinks with some friends. I had been there about ten minutes when the fire alarms started going off. They went off for ages, so we finally gathered up the dogs and headed to the dog park to wait it out. While there wasn’t a fire, a pipe burst on the first floor, flooding their apartment and the lobby area. It was a mess, but I’ve got to hand it to the apartment complex: they had people out here cleaning and replacing carpet at 1:00am. 2015-02-16 21.08.44

The dogs didn’t mind the chaos, since it meant a late night dog party in the dog park.
2015-02-16 21.15.41

The next day I woke up and called into work. We were on a delay, but since I’m not the best driver, and all of the news reports said to stay in unless you absolutely had to, I decided not to go in. Instead, I enjoyed the snow with my little family. I wanted pictures of Buddy in the snow, so I leashed him & Hermione up and took them to the dog park for a little photo session. 2015-02-16 23.19.36 2015-02-17 11.07.282015-02-17 12.55.39

Once Graham woke up, and the roads had dried out a little bit, we headed to Yorktown for the day. We had a wonderful snow day there last year, and were hoping for a similar day this year. Yorktown didn’t disappoint. Tons of people were sledding and enjoying the main battlefield, so we parked at Moore House and enjoyed the other side of the battlefield. We had the whole thing to ourselves. We were out there for three hours and saw a whopping two other people. 2015-02-17 02.33.06

Seeing the beach covered in ice was really cool. 2015-02-17 02.38.25

We let her off of her leash and let her run and play. She didn’t see many deer, but there were tracks all over the place, so the scent was driving her crazy. 2015-02-17 02.58.03 2015-02-17 02.57.27

She kept burying her head in the snow. Is she not the cutest thing ever?2015-02-17 03.05.32

In she summer, she likes to cool off by jumping in this pond. It’s usually pretty gross, but she loves the water, so we let her do it. It was frozen over today, and absolutely beautiful. 2015-02-17 03.09.15

2015-02-17 03.09.27 2015-02-17 03.38.24We had only been home from our walk for a few minutes when some friends invited us out to dinner. We went across the street to Pho 79. It was the perfect snowy day meal. 2015-02-17 17.36.20-1


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