Weekend Highlights.


Saturday was one of those days where I just wanted to be back in Arkansas. The weekend was all about running & Beverly. For the past few years, Beverly & her son ran the Little Rock Marathon-5K together. This year, loads of friends, family and complete strangers ran in her memory.  Even thought I was stuck in Virginia, I ordered a “Beverly” shirt and did a 5K on my own. I haven’t worked out in… well, a while (and even that is being generous), so it wasn’t pretty, but I did it.
10389234_10101812382962177_1194357480786446951_n2015-02-28 10.07.00-1

Graham has been on a really crappy schedule this week, because of the snow. He’s been working 6:00pm-6:00am, and it sucks. Considering he’s deploying VERY soon, the time we have together is precious. And to lose a week of that time just pisses me off. So, He’s been getting home about 7:00, sleeping till 1:00, and then I wake him up and we try to spend a little time together. Saturday I woke him up, and he had barely gotten to the couch when this happened. Aren’t they adorable?

2015-02-28 16.03.07-1

Luckily, he got a call at about 4:00 and was told he didn’t have to go to work that night. YAY! So, we hung out on the couch for a little bit longer, and then went on a date. We’ve been trying to get back to Conch & Bucket for a while, but they haven’t made it easy on us. Their hours are different based on which website you’re checking out. For example, today’s hours. According to Yelp, it’s 4:00-7:00 (which are their happy hour hours). According to Google, it’s 4:00-10:00. Their facebook page has no hours listed, and they don’t have a website. Honestly, the lack of information they provide is enough to make me not want to eat there. Besides the lack of hours (or inconsistent information about their hours), they also don’t have a menu posted, which is one of my biggest pet peeves when it comes to restaurants.

Anyways. We ended up at Conch & Bucket for dinner. We got a table instantly, but they were out of menus and silverware (seriously?). So, we waited for a while for someone to find us some menus. I wanted a cocktail, but they didn’t have a menu for those at all. Our server told me that the bartender could make anything, but frustrating for me since I’m not a big drinker. I told her I liked pineapple, so she suggested a pineapple upside down cake martini. It was really delicious. It tasted like pineapple upside down cake, but with the slight burn of vodka. Since it wasn’t on a menu, I have no idea what was in it, but it was tasty.
2015-02-28 18.59.26-1

For an appetizer, we shared the shrimp and “andouille” flat bread. And I say andouille like that because we found two very small pieces of sausage on the whole thing. And, it didn’t taste like andouille. Honestly it tasted like regular ham. It was good, but it wasn’t what we were expecting. 2015-02-28 19.18.04

We both ordered from the specials board for our entrees. Graham had the tuna with a blueberry-balsamic gastrique, blistered green beans and a root vegetable hash (which was really just a mix of roasted sweet potatoes & white potatoes), and this dish was very disappointing. The tuna had zero flavor. The sauce was good, but there wasn’t enough of it. He requested more salt from the server, and that helped some, but it was just really disappointing. The potatoes were good, though, and he said the green beans were the best he’d ever had.

2015-02-28 19.50.26-1

I had the New York Strip with sherried oyster mushrooms, garlic mashed potatoes and grilled asparagus. While G’s dinner was a total disappointment, mine was perfect. The steak was perfectly cooked, the mushrooms were delicious, as were the mashed potatoes. This was a huge plate of food, and I shared a ton of with Graham. I probably ended up giving him about 1/3 of my potatoes and steak. 2015-02-28 19.50.44-1

So, yeah. Good dinner, but not great. Annoying quirks and really slow service. If you try this place, don’t go if you’ve got someplace you need to be. Go on a night where you’ve got plenty of time.

After dinner we went back to the apartment. Even more important than a date with each other, we had a very important date with the president & first lady. I AM SO EXCITED THAT HOUSE OF CARDS IS BACK. GAH!!! So, we spent about 4 hours watching House of Cards before we finally crashed.

The next day was fairly average. We worked on the stupid dresser that is turning out to be way more trouble than a $50 Craigslist dresser is worth. But once we were finished with that, we headed downstairs to help some friends work on some projects for their restaurant. Their grand opening is March 22, and they’re having their launch party on Saturday night, and there is so much to do. Luckily, the dog park at our apartment complex has made us all into good friends, and we were all more than happy to help out.

One of the projects we were working on was making drinking glasses out of wine bottles. They had a contraption to break the bottles, and then three of us were sanded the edges. It took a while, but the glasses turned out pretty good. And thanks to everyone giving them all of their wine bottles for the last couple of months, all of the bottles were different, so of course the glasses are different as well. 2015-03-01 17.41.11 2015-03-01 17.42.37-1

A few other projects were going on, including cutting menus & corks, as well as creating a sign in board for the party. 2015-03-01 19.56.38-1I can’t wait to post next week about their launch party, and to give you guys some more details about their opening. If you’re in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia, get excited. The food scene here is about to become way more interesting.


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