I’m swooning over Wedding Paper Divas…

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When I was planning my wedding, one of the biggest headaches I had was caused by the invitations. Or actually, by the quality of the invitations. I didn’t want to go to a Hallmark store and spend hours flipping through one of the huge invitation binders (even though that was my favorite thing to do when I worked at a Hallmark store…). I wanted the ease of ordering invitations from my couch, but I also wanted to be able to see & feel the paper they would be printed on. So, what’s a girl to do?

Back in 2011, when I got married, I ended up designing my own invitation, and finding a printing company that would not only print it, but send me samples of their papers. The problem with doing things this way was that the minimum quantity you could order from this printer was 500. So, I have 400ish extra wedding invitations in my closet. Even though getting invitations I loved was a huge hassle, it was worth the effort. Invitations are such an important part of the big day. They really tie everything together, and kind of let your guests know what to expect. If I receive an invitation in the mail with gold foil & formal calligraphy, I’m expecting a much different ceremony and reception than if I receive a brightly colored, typographic invitation.

Wedding Paper Divas has made things much, much easier for brides today. You can get samples of most of the invitations on their website (and right now with the code FREETRY, you can get them for absolutely free-they’re usually $1.00 each), and the samples come in a fabulous kit that shows you everything they have to offer.

2015-02-23 04.48.16

I swooned as soon as I opened the kit. They made sure that everything you could possibly be curious about was included.
2015-02-23 04.51.00

They included samples of all of the paper types, and what’s even better, is they printed ink splotches on each piece of paper. Curious about what blush would look like on the ecru paper? Done. Curious about what meadow would look like on the pearl shimmer paper? Done. 2015-02-23 05.13.292015-02-23 04.51.282015-02-23 05.13.57

On the other side of the kit, there is information about their design service, about the trim options for your invitations, the fonts they offer (they even show you the fonts in different sizes), envelope options, etc. Basically any question you could possibly have about your wedding invitations in answered in this little packet. 2015-02-23 04.51.34 2015-02-23 05.12.23 2015-02-23 05.12.36One day I will talk Graham into a third ceremony, but that day isn’t today. Luckily I have a friend who is getting married later this year, so she let me take control of her wedding stationary. So now lets look at the samples we picked out.

First, we looked at bridal shower invitations. Obviously, we’re into the chalkboard style. This was one of the things I really loved about Wedding Paper Divas. They have so many styles to choose from, no matter what your personal style is. And the styles range from what is currently modern and trendy, to very classic and formal. Chalkboards are very in right now, and thanks to Pinterest, my friend is featuring a lot of chalkboards at her wedding (a chalkboard sign with wedding party details, instead of traditional programs, mason jars with chalkboard labels on them-so people can keep track of their glasses throughout the day, and even her guest book will be chalkboard-esque, with black pages and silver markers for people to write with). We were really happy with the three that we selected.

2015-02-23 04.52.50

We were beyond happy with the quality of the wedding invitations. We actually picked out four samples, but these were our favorites. I loved almost everything about both of these invitation suites. The typographic one was my favorite (this one was actually very similar to my own invitation), but the bride loved the floral one.
2015-02-23 05.10.42

And once we flipped them over and saw what was on the back of them, I completely agreed with her. How cute are the backs of these invitations???
2015-02-23 05.09.06

Luckily, one of the color options (there were 3 for this one) that Wedding Paper Divas featured for this invitation was perfect for her color scheme, but one of my favorite features they offer is the ability to pick your own color scheme. You tell them what color you want, and one of their design specialists will email you a copy of the invitation, which you can then order a sample of. 2015-02-23 05.11.15 2015-02-23 05.11.20 2015-02-23 05.11.25Since the sample kit came with a pretty good coupon, we went ahead and placed an invitation order. They should be here soon, and I can’t wait to share those with you guys when they arrive!



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