A Pretty Perfect Weekend.

So, this weekend was pretty awesome.

It started with a trip to MacArthur Center in Norfolk for a beauty products shopping spree. I bought most of Lush’s new Easter bath bombs & bubble bars, and more make-up from Sephora.

2015-03-06 14.09.09-1

How cute are those carrots? The carrots, the purple thing & the golden egg are bubble bars, and the pink egg is a bath bomb.  2015-03-06 16.43.15-1

And I now have an abundance of these. I need to stop hoarding them and use them more often… Unfortunately Graham now has a date for his deployment. I’ll definitely put them to use more once he leaves. 2015-03-06 16.46.11

That night we headed to Kero, our favorite sushi spot for a date. When you order two rolls, you get to choose either soup or salad to start. We both started with the house salad with ginger dressing. I could drink this dressing. 2015-03-06 18.58.59

They were busier than I’ve ever seen them. We actually had to wait about 15 minutes for a table, and we’re usually sat right away. I hate waiting, but the sushi was worth it. We ordered four rolls, and all of them were amazing. 2015-03-06 19.22.42 2015-03-06 19.22.49 2015-03-06 19.25.42

I’ve been on a mission to make perfect pancakes lately. Week one was an utter disaster, and they all ended up in the garbage, and we ended up at IHOP. Week two was okay, but the recipe was time-consuming and I dirtied up almost every dish in my kitchen, including the stand mixer. The pancakes were good, but they were way too much work. My mom’s friend Ginger sent me her favorite recipe, so I made it on Saturday morning. They were pretty darned good! 2015-03-07 09.05.42-1

After breakfast, we headed to Smithfield to pick up my monogrammed make-up bag. I bought this on Valentines Day at a super cute shop called The Frilly Lily. It was $15.95 (including the monogram) and I loooooooove it. 2015-03-07 12.00.03-1

After driving 40 minutes to Smithfield, we turned around and drove another 45 minutes to the beach. The weather here has been awful lately, and we both felt bad that Hermione has been so cooped up. The beach was full of really cute, playful puppies, and washed up sea creatures. We saw a few blue crabs and a few fish heads. 2015-03-07 13.43.23-1 Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Saturday, we celebrated the launch of a friend’s new restaurant, Le Mu Bistro. We had so much fun, ate a ton, and drank way too much.  2015-03-07 20.30.18Sunday was quiet. I shopped. Graham helped our friends build bench seats for the restaurant, and then we started watching the Lord of the Rings trilogy for the second time this year. Not going to lie, I watch the whole damned thing for this one scene:

Graham took Monday off, and it was delightful. We slept until almost 11:00, and went for a delicious lunch/brunch at Venture, which has become one of my favorite spots.

I had the bruschetta pizza (with no red onions), and it was pretty amazing. Tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, basil, kalamata olives & a balsamic drizzle. Pretty much all of my favorite things on a delicious crust.  2015-03-09 12.19.38-1

Graham had one of their daily specials. This was biscuits & chorizo gravy, served with the life changing tots. It may not look like much, but this was so freaking good. 2015-03-09 12.19.15-1After lunch, we enjoyed the beautiful weather and took Hermione on a much-needed walk in Yorktown.

I then spent the rest of the evening harassing Buddy to keep him awake. It’s about time the furry little monster knows what it’s like to be constantly awoken by someone being annoying.

2015-03-09 21.19.12

So, yeah. Other than the scratches now on my hands & arms, it was a pretty perfect weekend.



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