What I’m Loving Wednesday: The Noonday Edition

Before we get into the pieces I’m currently coveting, let’s talk about Noonday. Noonday is a business that uses fashion to create meaningful opportunities around the world. They employee artisans in under-developed parts of the world and pay them fair wages (re: fair wages for that part of the country…) to create jewelry (and other accessories). A lot of what is made, is made completely by hand-no electricity, running water, etc.

I’m completely in awe of the jewelry and accessories made by these artisans, and when I was scrolling through their site the other day, I found myself pinning about twenty different things that I wanted. I was able to narrow it down to my absolute favorites. Hopefully one or two of these will find their way to me as an anniversary or birthday present 😉

Noonday necklace

Now, I’m not the type to wear big, chunky necklaces… But I can’t stop looking at this one. I’m completely in love with everything about it. These are handmade in India & are absolutely beautiful! If I were ever to have another wedding, I would put my bridesmaids in the simplest dress imaginable, & then gift them this necklace to wear with it.

noonday necklace 3

If the previous necklace would look perfect with a simple bridesmaids dress, how amazing would this one look with a simple, delicate, flowing wedding gown? It looks so classic & vintage, and I think it’s absolutely gorgeous.

Noonday necklace 2

The Jalia ombre necklace is another favorite of mine. Ombre? Love it. Various shades of blue? Love it so freaking much. It’s made of paper beads and seed beads, and is handmade in Uganda.
noonday scarfThis scarf is one of my favorite things they currently have for sale. It’s made with a hand-loom in Guatemala, and is a really good size (the website says it’s 80.5″ long). The colors are so bright and cheerful, and this makes me so glad that summer scarves have become a thing.

noonday bracelet 2

I don’t think I’ve ever worn a cuff in my life. My normal wrist attire is a hair tie, or if I’m feeling really fancy, my blingtastic watch. But I love this one. It’s a mixed metal with a brushed finish, and made in India.
noonday braceletAnd while I just said I typically don’t wear anything on my wrist, this bracelet makes me want to start. Isn’t it pretty? It’s made of shells, glass beads and various metals.

noonday earrings 3

Love, love, love the silver jasmine earrings. They’re sterling silver plated, and made in Peru. I love these for two reasons. 1) They’re incredibly pretty & feminine. 2) They don’t look heavy. Little known fact about me: my right ear is completely effed up.  Ever heard of a keloid? I had one for most of my life. In 9th grade, I had it removed. It grew back almost immediately. So, they removed it again. The first time they cut the keloid off. The second time, they cut it out and then stitched my ear back together. When I was 25, I got my ears pierced again. And guess what. I grew another keloid. This time, I’ve just left it there. It’s not as big as the ones I had in high school, and it doesn’t bother me very much. I just can’t wear super chunky or really heavy earrings, since a good chunk of my earlobe is missing. .
noonday earrings 2These metallic teardrop earrings are perfect. They’re so simple & understated (definitely the exact opposite of all of the necklaces I’m coveting…). They’re made of brass & sterling silver, and handmade in Peru.





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