What I’m Loving Wednesday

What I’m Loving Wednesday.. I almost threw positivity aside and did a “What I’m NOT Loving Wednesday”. But the post would have been nothing but me complaining about how hot it is. And i figured everyone would just think I’m crazy, and move along. But, seriously. It hit 80 degrees yesterday. I was NOT a happy camper.

Anyways. Here is stuff that IS making me happy.

vogue-a-cinderella-story-01Graham and I went & saw Cinderella Friday night. And it was perfect. Absolutely perfect. So perfect, in fact, I can not think of one single aspect of the movie I didn’t like. The only things I didn’t like, were parts of the story itself that I have never liked (like the scene where the stepsisters tear apart her homemade gown… I literally covered my eyes). They did such a wonderful job of staying true to the story (the animated Disney version), and I left the theater happier than I’ve been after a movie going experience in a very, very long time (I literally left the theater in tears I was so disappointed in Into the Woods…). Cinderella is my favorite fairy tale ever, and I love all versions of it – the animated, 1950’s Disney version, the Rodgers & Hammerstein version (the Julie Andrews one is better, but I do like the Lesley Ann Warren version as well), the Grimm version… I love them all. I was really worried about this, after what Disney did to the Sleeping Beauty story with Maleficent, and with what they did to Into the Woods, but I loved it, and absolutely can not wait for it to come out on DVD.

I’m also a lot more excited now for the live action version of Beauty & the Beast.
Avocado_CartonsOkay. How did I not know that these little babies existed??? I saw these at the commissary a couple of weeks ago, and I was floored. Gator Eggs, aka single serving avocados, are what I’ve been waiting for, only I never knew it! I love avocados so much, but I can’t eat a whole one, but I don’t want to eat just half, since the other half gets brown and gross. This is the perfect solution!!! I found these at a military commissary, but hadn’t ever seen them anywhere else, so I emailed the company. They’re also available at BJ’s. My Sam’s Club membership expired on Sunday, and I haven’t been happy with it for a while, so this sealed it: I’m definitely going with a BJ’s membership instead this year!

2015-03-17 20.33.49So, these dish cloths from TJ Maxx. I’m obsessed with them! I bought the pink ones first, and I love them so much, I bought another set of the blue ones the next time I was there. They are super thick and luxurious. The spring colors are so pretty & cheerful, and I’m currently hardcore obsessed with anything & everything gold.
wn-speculoos-cookie-butter-cheesecake-bitesOh, Trader Joe’s… I love you so much. I love the cookie butter on it’s own, but cookie butter AND cheesecake??? Holy. Crap. Graham wasn’t a huge fan of these (but then again, he doesn’t love cookie butter as much as I do, but we still ate the crap out of these. There are 12 in each box, and each little bite has 90 calories. They’ve become my favorite after dinner treat.
Zac-Efron-Shirtless-MTV-Movie-Awards-2014I just want to stare at him all day. Thank you, POPSUGAR, for compiling this for the world. I’ve been staring at him for five minutes, and I honestly can not figure out which is hotter: that face or that body…

Now. If you’ll excuse me, I’m going to pretend to do something productive…. I’m actually going to just sit here and stare at this perfect specimen of a man.


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