Still swooning over Wedding Paper Divas

“I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for Wedding Paper Divas. I received a product and a promotional item to thank me for participating.”

A few weeks ago I showed you the awesome wedding stationary sample kit that Wedding Paper Diva’s sent me. I already have the overwhelming urge to have another wedding (to the same man, of course…) and playing with pretty stationary just fueled that desire. Luckily, the bride I was working with on this shares my first name, and my maiden initial. So, I can kind of pretend these are for me… right? 😉

This lucky girl is having multiple showers, so we ended up ordering two styles of shower invitations, and this navy, pink and gold one is my FAVORITE. I think these are SO much fun. The colors are bright, the stripes and polka dots are a lot of fun, and the quality is excellent. This was one I didn’t order a sample of, so I just hoped for the best, and I was not disappointed! I love that you can choose the details of the envelopes as well. I found that the classic white ones were very well made, so we went with those, with the white euro flap.


The other invitation I ordered was one I had gotten a sample of, and I was just as happy with the finished product as I was with the sample. Since these invitations weren’t very flashy, I went with an envelope that offered a little something extra: metallic silver. And I loooooove them! IMG_3980

Ordering the invitations could not have been easier. And just in case you’re extra paranoid like I am, you do have the option to get a proof before they do the actual printing. And not only was the ordering simple & idiot proof, but with all of the coupon codes they offer, the price for these invitations was pretty awesome. The same amount of generic, fill in the blank ones at Target wouldn’t be that much cheaper.

Aside from tons of gorgeous wedding & shower invitations, Wedding Paper Divas also offers an excellent assortment of notepads, thank you notes, address labels, and anything else you may need. These notepads are really nice quality, and at the price would make excellent additions to a bridesmaids gift basket, or as a thank-you gift to whoever is throwing your wedding shower. Call me old fashioned, but it’s so much more fun using pretty notepads to make a to-do list, instead of an app on your phone. Plus, with a paper list you get the joy of crossing items off the list. Nothing makes me feel more accomplished than a fully checked off to-do list. IMG_3977

Since everything else was for other people, I had to order myself a little something too. So, I picked up two types of notecards for Graham and I. I’ve been using pink quatrefoil ones from Target for ages, and thought it was time to upgrade to something a little nicer. The white ones are very classic, with a simple monogram and our names printed at the bottom. I love these, but the other set with the orange striped backs are my FAVORITE. These are so much fun, and even more fun since I paired them with kraft paper envelopes.

While I (and more importantly, the bride) loved everything we received, the only thing I didn’t love was how it was sent. Everything was thrown together, and it was a big mess. It would have been nice if each set of cards (stationary or invitations) had been banded with the envelopes they were ordered with. Other than that, ordering from Wedding Paper Diva’s was a breeze! The quality, the service and the price were excellent, and if I can ever talk G into another wedding, I’ll definitely consider them for any wedding stationary needs in the future. IMG_3973

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