What I’m Loving Wednesday: The Birthday Edition

I’m turning 32 in a few weeks. Scary, huh? I now have the parody of Taylor Swift’s “22” going through my head.

Anyways… if there was a birthday Santa, here are the things I would hope that he would bring me this year.

1) Le Creuset Cast-Iron Rectangular Skinny Grill in Matte Navy.


2) This necklace from Noonday. _CWP6010-z

3) My cheapo immersion blender that I’ve had for ages finally bit the dust, so I’d love this Cuisinart one2e39c51f5066facabe16158ca07b171c

4. This Kate Spade cross body bag is adorable. And I love the pink so much. 73e73b2a0b1eedf2f34c273bef9cdb3d

5. I love this mid-century ring holder from West Elm. 80ca1ebc9b9f58e31ad20671de26e192

6. I need these shoes like whoa. Seriously. How cute are these? (I’m a size 7.5)89da60a962e5216d040cd73284f69d53

7. Of course I want this shirt. And I want it in purple, and a medium. 961cd8417acd2c05b6b519bb2c6c5f02

8. I love this apothecary bottle & candle stand. I have something similar that my in-laws gave me for Christmas, and this would be great along with it. It would provide nice symmetry, without being too matchy-matchy. 1544510d65e6deffa450ea13f3f521ab

9. I love this pineapple candle from West Elm! And the container is so pretty! I could put all kinds of little things in it once the candle is gone. b7fb6f1b4b7412ca40d8e54a182289e8

10. I need a Le Creuset skillet, and I adore the new amethyst color. da1e202cc6989252fe91f4c96b743ab7


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