What I’m Loving Wednesday: Popsugar Must Have Box (April 2015)


This month’s popsugar Must Have Box was a good one. While I didn’t go crazy over any one thing in the box, I really, really liked everything I received. I was slightly disappointed in the value of this box. The value of items in this box was $124, but the “giftcard” is considered a special extra, so I don’t count that (I really don’t count it, because it’s not a true gift card, but more on that later…). The first box I received had a value of around $140, and the value has decreased the past two months. Despite the decreased value, I’m still really enjoying the subscription, and the brands I’m being introduced to each month. This is, hands down, my favorite subscription box.

Gardenia + Tea antioxidant body serum ($39)

I absolutely LOVE this product. I’m pretty wary of new beauty products, so since these tend to be the priciest item in the box, I’m really glad I end up liking them. This body serum is wonderful. The fragrance is light and smells amazing. I was worried the gardenia would be too much, but it’s perfect. The serum sprays on and absorbs quickly. It’s silly, but I also really like the design on the bottle. The nozzle is controlled by an on/off switch, which makes me much less wary of traveling with it.

Rhubarb Spring Seasonal Candle by Produce ($20)

The candle was one of my favorite items from this box. It smelled AMAZING. I love that they’re made in Charleston, I love that it came in a mason jar, and I love, love, love the fragrance. I wasn’t sure what to expect from a rhubarb scented candle, but I love it. They have a few more candles that sound interesting that I’d love to try, and they provided a pretty good coupon!

Flip & Tumble 24/7 Bag ($12)

This was my other favorite item in this month’s box. I have SO many totes and reusable shopping bags, but half the time I forget to take them in with me. This one is awesome, thought. It’s sturdy, has a wide strap that doesn’t slip off your shoulder, and it holds a ton. The first time I used it, I thought I would never get it back into a little ball, but it balled back up easily. And best of all: it’s small enough to keep in my purse. So now, every I run into the store for 1-2 things, I always have my bag with me. Even better, they included a coupon for 20% off as well, and since they offer so many fun colors, I might order a few more.

Dabney Lee Dottie Umbrella ($18)

I have no need for an umbrella. I had one I bought during college, and I received two for Christmas 2012. I like this one though. The colors are my signature colors (navy blue & hot pink), and I love the polka dot print. Even though I don’t need another umbrella, I’m sure I’ll still use it. I have four pairs of nearly identical sunglasses… why not have four umbrellas?

Basil Garden-in-a-bag from Potting Shed Creations ($10)

I like the idea of this, it just doesn’t fit in with my lifestyle. Why? I have two cats. Cats eat plants. I had a basil plant last summer. Buddy chewed on it every single day. We have huge windows in three rooms (the living room, guest room & our bedroom), and the cats have access to the two of the rooms, and it’s weird to me to have an herb growing in our bedroom. But, nevertheless, that’s where it is. After you start it, you put it away for 7-10 days, and then set it up in a sunny spot. I checked on it after 7 days, and it had sprouted! So for now, it’s sitting on Graham’s nightstand. It’s a very cool concept though, and while it was a little messy, it came together easily.

Mott 50 $25 “giftcard” ($25)

This irritates me. 1) Everything on their site is crazy expensive. A $25 “giftcard” won’t go far towards $150 beach cover-ups. 2) It’s only good towards women’s clothing & accessories. I didn’t see anything I wanted, and it irritates me that I can’t use it to buy something for Graham, or for one of my friends children. But no. Something this restrictive is not a giftcard. It’s a gift code. And this is going to end up getting thrown away (unless one of you want it).

2 thoughts on “What I’m Loving Wednesday: Popsugar Must Have Box (April 2015)

    • Heather says:

      The lack of a snack and the gift card just ticked me off. But I sniffed the candle and felt better. But yeah, definitely not my fave. Hopefully May is much better. And includes chocolate.

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