50 Women Game Changers in Food: Pim Techamuanvivit (Week 19)

In 2011, Gourmet released their list of the 50 Women Game Changers in Food. I stumbled on this entirely by accident. One week a couple of months ago, I was meal planning, and didn’t have access to my Ina Garten cookbooks. So, I googled the recipe I was looking for and found it on a blog that was making its way through the list (she’s number 39… I’m a little disgruntled that Rachael Ray is higher up than she is). I was inspired to do the same. I need to challenge myself more in the kitchen, and I thought this would be an excellent way to do so.  As I’ve been planning for this, I’ve been flipping through cookbooks, checking out websites and buying new equipment, and I’m excited. I’m also really looking forward to learning more about these game changing women, and introducing myself to recipes I’ve never cooked before.

(And since this entire year-long project will be all recipes I’ve never made before, I can’t promise that everything will turn out the way I want it to. But whether a dish is a winner or an epic fail, I’m going to be completely honest about it.)

Week 19 brings us to Pim Techamuanvivit.


I was unable to find much information about her, and I guess that’s going to continue to be the case as we move into more modern female foodies, and away from the more historical figures. What I do know, is that she was born in Bangkok, but has ended up loving life in San Francisco. She worked in Silicon Valley until 2005, when she left her career to pursue her passion: food. She writes recipes, reviews restaurants, and travels.

Her recipes have been featured in Food & Wine, the New York Times, Bon Appetit & more. She has also appeared as a judge on Iron Chef America, and cooked pad Thai with Martha.

While searching for information about her, I kept running across her pad thai recipe, and multiple claims that it was perfect for beginners. I was a bit intimidated by the steps and the ingredients, but once everything is prepped, assembling it is a breeze.

2015-05-02 06.51.47I was incredibly pleased with how this dish turned out, but I honestly have very little experience with pad Thai. The last time I tried to make it, it was a hot mess. That kind of discouraged me from trying again, and even though it is such a classic dish, it’s not my favorite, so I never order it when I go out. 
2015-05-02 06.52.33Other that locating some of the ingredients, this was a very simple meal to make. The only part that took more than a few minutes was soaking the noodles. Everything else comes together so quickly, you have to have all of your ingredients ready to go. Once stuff starts going into the skillet or wok, you have zero time to chop or measure out ingredients.
2015-05-02 06.52.15I’m actually not going to post the recipe for this week, for two reasons. 1) It’s really long. 2) It can vary a lot, based on your taste preferences, and the availablility of ingredients, such as the tamarind pulp & palm sugar. I did HAVE to go to the international grocery store for the tamarind, and this is what I ended up buying. I couldn’t find the sugar at the international grocery store, so I did substitute that for brown sugar.

I linked to it a little higher up, but here it is again, just in case.

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