Deployment Diaries #3

You know what I never hear/read from military wives? That one of the reasons deployments suck is because all of the housework now falls on their shoulders. I’m not sure if it’s because a lot of military wives don’t work, so therefore the housework is their job, or if their husbands are just the kind of guys who feel like housework is women’s work. Graham does his fair share around the apartment. I won’t say it’s equal (since I only work part time, obviously I do more), but he does plenty.

And I really miss that. I especially miss his help in the kitchen. I cook dinner, and he does the dishes. That’s our arrangement. And I never realized how much I LOVED that arrangement till he was gone. You know what I hate? Washing dishes. I swear, once my Whole30 is finished (TOMORROW!!!!!), I’m only eating canned soup and cereal. I might even go buy some paper bowls and plastic spoons… That’s how much I hate dishes.

And as sad as this sounds, I also miss having a man around for stupid things like opening jars. Last night I spent 5 minutes trying to open a jar of homemade pickles before I gave up and ate a handful of olives.

Anyways. I miss him for about 17,000 reasons and I’ve been missing him for one month now. Yesterday marked one month exactly since I kissed him goodbye at Langley. Luckily the past month has gone by really quickly. I’m sure everyone is tired of hearing it, but really. Staying busy helps SO much.

Staying busy is a good way to deal with grief of any kind. Whether it’s a break up, a deployment, or having to say goodbye to a beloved pet.

This past weekend was one of the saddest I’ve had here in Virginia. Two members of my apartment complexes dog park were put down this week. Bijoux, an adorable Maltese went in for a routine spaying, developed complications and was put down on Thursday. Max, a senior German short-haired pointer was put down Friday. His person, Sarah, has become a good friend to me, so myself and Shana (another friend here) wanted to be there for her. We took all of our dogs to the beach Friday morning, wanting Max to have the best day ever, and then we went with her to his appointment Friday afternoon. It was heartbreaking.

2015-05-07 22.12.13 2015-05-07 22.27.32 2015-05-07 22.53.292015-05-07 22.11.29Rest in Peace, Max. You will be missed.

Shana & I spent a good bit of the rest of the weekend just trying to be there for our friends. We hung out, baked, talked, walked, and just offered as much support as we could. I’m so happy to have been able to help in whatever way I could, but it was an emotionally draining weekend.

Yesterday, I decided I needed to just decompress. So, I drove to Gettysburg (yes, I know that is completely random). I’ve honestly never cared much for the Civil War. I hate everything about the war, and I’ve never been one to romanticize the “old south”. My interest in American history has always ended with the Constitution. Until recently. On April 15, I watched Lincoln, in honor of the 150th anniversary of his death. It’s an amazing movie, and I’ve seen it several times, but this time I noticed in the credits that it was adapted by the book Team of Rivals. I found a copy at the used bookstore, and downloaded the audio book on Audible, and have been engrossed in it for weeks. Lincoln was a fascinating man, and I HIGHLY recommend the book. Anyways. The book has sparked a small interest in the Civil War, especially Gettysburg.


(The spot where Lincoln read the Gettysburg Address.)

IMG_4544 IMG_4547 IMG_4559IMG_4581This monument had a staircase you could climb to the top. From the top, the views of the countryside were absolutely gorgeous. I’m sure it looked quite different those three days in July, but on this pretty day in May, it was perfect. IMG_4571 IMG_4575 IMG_4592 IMG_4602 IMG_4603IMG_4525




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