Caturday Saturday

Crazy cat ladies unite!

Last week my friend Susan approached me about linking up with her for Caturday Saturday. She and I are so similar it’s scary. It’s now gotten to the point where one of us does something, then finds out the other has just done something nearly identical, and the response is just, “well of course you did.” I say this, because last Friday, a couple of days before she brought it up, I started thinking about doing a Caturday post. I hadn’t mentioned it to anyone, so yeah. Creepy.

Anyways. Buddy’s been trying to escape lately. He’s super smart, and knows when people are at their most vulnerable. For example, he knows when I come in with my hands full, that’s the best time to make a break for it.

These days, I find it charming. Once upon a time, it was terrifying. Buddy | Bake. Create. Love

January 2012, he escaped one night when Graham got up to let Hermione out. He shot out, jumped the fence, and we didn’t see him for three days.

I was heart broken.

Thankfully (and obviously), he came back. Three nights after he left, I walked by the back doors and saw him just hanging out. Worried I would spook him, I yelled for Graham for reinforcements before going to get him.

This was the night he came home. ALL of us were happy to see him.

This was the night he came home. ALL of us were happy to see him.

For the next year and a half, we were on constant alert any time a door opened. There were times we actually tackled him when he did get out. Even better was when Hermione started tackling him when he got out.

The amount we pay each month for rent each hurts a little less knowing he’s safe when he gets out (which lately is every time I open the door). I know he’ll go into the secure, safe, hallway. I know he’ll sniff the plants, go to Shana & Elliott’s door (he’s intrigued by their dog), and I know that nothing bad can happen to him. 2015-06-05 23.16.00 2015-06-05 23.18.01

We’d love to hear from more crazy cat ladies in the blogosphere! Be sure to link up with us with any cat related post on Saturday Caturday.


3 thoughts on “Caturday Saturday

  1. Suz @ 2 cats & chloe says:

    YAY for Caturday! And yes, it’s weird how much we have in common… I’m not complaining though! It’s nice to know someone doesn’t think I’m crazy for my obsession with things like the Golden Girls, hot pink Kate Spades, sushi, blogging and felines… Happy Caturday dear!

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