New rugs & cat toys…

Happy Caturday everyone!

Last week I bought a new rug. It’s wonderful and thick and plush and I love it.

And so do the animals.

Especially Buddy.
2015-06-13 16.19.55 2015-06-13 16.54.13 2015-06-13 16.54.32 2015-06-13 16.55.04My furry little monsters (and their claws) were wreaking havoc on it. So, I bought them this yellow toy from TJ Maxx. It has a scratching surface, and bells. Buddy loves it.
2015-06-19 15.00.44 2015-06-19 14.02.28Fingers crossed that it helps. And my new rug doesn’t end up a pile of gray threads.

If you love cats, be sure to link up with Susan & I for Caturday!

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