A Sadder Caturday…

I know this cat isn’t one of the ones you’re used to seeing, but meet Mao… the first furball I ever loved.
128394152MhLaoj_phI learned yesterday that Susan from 2 Cats & Chloe is having one of her two cats put down today. Ever since learning that, I’ve been thinking about Mao.
373793142cWGcJR_phMao came into my life when I was 16. My mom was had been dating a nice man for quite a while, and around Christmas 2000, he was in a horrible accident and passed away. 2670676160054400659haooGE_phWe had never had a cat, and weren’t really cat people… But Ken had loved Mao, and my mom grew to love him as well. So, his family gave him to her. We brought him home with us, and we fell head over heels in love with him. 2904475100054400659wgVPAu_fsHe made me a cat person. He was affectionate, and so smart. He had the most beautiful blue eyes. He was mischievous, and always getting into trouble. I remember one night he went missing, and I was devastated. I spent the entire night going outside, opening cans of cat food and calling for him. The next morning we found him in the pantry, hiding behind boxes of cereal & microwave popcorn.

Then, in 2006, he was hanging out in the dryer. I didn’t realize this & turned it on… This is from my journal from that day:

So, tonight I was trying to dry my laundry. My mom had clothes in the dryer, so I asked her to get them out. I left the door open. A few minutes later, she went and checked them, they were still damp, so she turned it back on.

I was online, talking to Trey. I heard thumping. I thought it was my tennis shoes… So, I looked for Mao and couldn’t find him. I then realized that Mao was in the dryer, and the thumping was him. I ran, opened it, & he was in the dryer. He made a little sound, so I knew he was alive, but I was scared shitless. He was in there for about 5 minutes.

Once he was out, he couldn’t walk straight, he was panting & bleeding from his mouth. Mom & I took him to a 24 hr. emergency vet in Gastonia. On the way there, he pooped on me. I honestly was so scared I didn’t care.

Anyways, the vet said he was fine. The mostly dry towels he was in there with saved his life. They gave him a steroid shot & gave us some antibiotics to give him. Hopefully he’ll be okay. I’m kinda scared to go to bed in case something bad happens to him. I hope he’ll be okay.

128394157yfuZap_phSeptember 13, 2009 we took him to the emergency vet. It was a Sunday. This was what I wrote in my journal that day:

He’s lost so much weight. Last year he weighed like 17 lbs. Today at the vet when they weighed him he weighed 9.82. The vet told us that based on his weight loss & his low body temp, as well as a physical exam thahttps://bakecreatelove.wordpress.com/wp-admin/users.phpt they thought he either was in kidney failure or liver failure, or he had diabetes. Diabetes would require twice daily insulin injections, with liver failure there was nothing we could do, & with kidney failure they would have to put in feeding tubes. The vet said his quality of life would be poor & since Mao was over 12 years old that he would have a difficult time. So we decided to have him put down. I couldn’t bear the thought of him being in pain.

I miss Mao, and I’m so grateful that he made me a cat person.

And if you have a second, send Susan some prayers/good vibes. And hug your pets a little tighter today.

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