Harry Potter, Sand Art & Jello Shots… Happy Weekend.

Did y’all know that Friday was not only Harry Potter’s birthday, but also JK Rowling’s 50th birthday? These birthday messages from members of the cast made me smile.

I decided to celebrate their birthdays with a Harry Potter movie marathon. It was a pretty excellent way to spend a weekend. 2015-07-31 15.42.44-1Saturday I headed to Hampton to the American Theatre in Phoebus and watched the monks of Drepung Loseling create a sand-painted mandala. They were featured on the 3rd season of House of Cards, and I’m in awe of what they created. You can read more about them & their sand mandala here.

Every single speck of color is made of sand. Insanity. And so beautiful. 2015-08-01 11.30.122015-08-01 11.32.502015-08-01 11.33.24After seeing the monks, I headed to the pool. My friends and I had the pool almost entirely to ourselves. There was beer, wine, Jello shots…2015-08-01 13.46.03This summer had the potential to seriously suck… but these people (along with my mom, mother-in-law, and friends – Brittany, Kelly & Heather) helped make it a lot of fun. 2015-08-01 14.03.08-1Saturday night, I had Hermione’s BFF come over to hang out. These two are so much fun. They ran around like crazy things all night, and right before Rhaego went home they spent a good 20 minutes running in circles around the ottoman. 2015-08-01 18.06.45I spent Sunday taking it easy. I went to the gym for a while, and then came back here and spent the day doing absolutely nothing. It was lovely. Dinner was simple. I swear I’m on the verge of becoming a vegetarian, and I’m incorporating more vegetarian meals into my diet. I made a large pot of Mexican Quinoa for dinner, and a few lunches. 2015-08-02 17.28.58-1 2015-08-02 17.28.50-1

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