Deployment Diaries #13

Another fun weekend, another weekend closer to Graham being home! My weekend started with a delicious key lime pie cupcake from Smallcakes in Williamsburg…
2015-08-07 11.13.56… and a great mid-century modern find from the Habitat for Humanity ReStore. I’ve been on the hunt for another MCM dresser (a tall one, this time) and while I keep coming up empty handed, I was happy to find this adorable end table, in excellent condition (and for $25). I’m about to make a hypocrite of myself… but I think I’m going to paint it. Not all of it. Just the pegs in between the tiers, and I want to do dipped legs. We’ll see though.
table Friday night was a lot of fun. We had a girl’s night at Elise’s apartment. We had tons of food, and even more alcohol. And I felt like absolute CRAP the next morning.
2015-08-07 19.34.45-12015-08-07 21.11.41I woke up the next morning and wanted to die. Instead, I went to Norfolk to the Bakehouse at Chelsea and had pepperoni pizza and a nectarine turnover. Both were divine.
2015-08-08 12.22.102015-08-08 12.23.45-12015-08-08 12.36.55-12015-08-08 12.32.57-1Sunday morning I woke up fairly early, and took Hermione for a much needed walk. It’s been so hot lately, so I’ve been going to the gym instead of walking Hermione. We went to Yorktown, and it was such a gorgeous day. I let her swim for a bit, and then we spotted an eagle, which was quite cool. 2015-08-09 10.59.54-1I came home, and found the cats in my empty bed. They’re so lazy. And so adorable I can’t stand it. 2015-08-09 12.03.49-1Sunday night, some friend’s and I made a visit to Le Mu. It was their “fan favorites” menu, and everything was so delicious. I had the chili & soy glazed shrimp and the curry grits, and then fig & apple cobbler with lavender gelato. Oh my… Everything was so good. 2015-06-14 02.29.052015-08-09 19.04.51-1It was a fun week, and the weekend flew by as usual. G & I are inching our way towards our homecoming date, and I could not be more ready. We still have a while to go (the date is sometime in October), but thanks to all of my little ways of counting down, it doesn’t feel that bad. With my M&M countdown, I have two yellow M&Ms left, and then just two colors remaining (we started with 5). I have one care package left to send. Percentage wise we’re in the 30%. I have a tentative number of days remaining, but I’m not telling what that is.

Our post-deployment vacation is booked! Too bad we’re not going until the day after Thanksgiving… I’m really looking forward to it, though. We’re going to Orlando for a few days and then we’re hopping on a cruise ship in Miami, and going to the Bahamas. I’m so excited! Now, I just need to cut back on the cupcakes and actually lose some weight…

3 thoughts on “Deployment Diaries #13

  1. Lisa McLemore says:

    Haha you are going on a cruise when your husband comes back from cruise? 😀 Hehehe really though nice to meet you. I’m in your area (south side) and my husband is military as well. Mine gets home tomorrow night from a three week deployment and leaves for 9 months next year.

    I just wanted to say hi. My public site, is something you can visit. My daily blog is currently set to private diary mode and I add readers as I get to know them. But I saw you in the deployment tag after I wrote one of my posts and thought how cool! Another military wife creative type in my area!

    • Heather says:

      Hi! My husband is Air Force, so he’s been in the desert, away from water for a while. He’ll be thrilled to be on a boat, in the middle of nowhere for a while 🙂

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